Sunglasses Review | Proof Federal Wood


Stylish, environmentally responsible and functional on the water, the Federal Wood shades from the Idaho-based, eco-friendly manufacturers at Proof surpassed our expectations with this solid all-around eyewear option for paddlers. The frames are handcrafted from sustainably sourced black maple for a look that wears as well on hipsters and watermen alike as it does on the environment. They’re fitted with 100-percent UVB protective lenses for a safe and satisfying view and hinged with spring-loaded stainless steal for a snug but comfy hug. And perhaps most importantly for us paddlers, they feature a water and sweat resistant coating that performed well for us when put to the test in the ocean. And perhaps the best aspect of Proof’s wooden eyewear for paddlers: they float!

Proof was founded in 2010 by three American brothers, one of the first grassroots companies to produce wood-framed shades.  The brothers built the company from their garage at first, before gaining global interest with eco-friendly practices and an expanding variety of quality products. Their business model is one we support, and their glasses are fashion-forward in fine form. But don’t take our word for it. Get your own Proof.

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