Sunglasses Review: Stingray Flare


Lightweight, protective, durable and cost effective—these knock-around sport shades by Stingray Eyewear fit the paddler’s niche to a T. The Flare are one of many models on offer from Stingray, an eyewear company specializing in affordable, practical sunglasses built for athletes in their element. As with most Stingray models, the Flare feature polarized lenses hard-coated in Tri-Acetate Cellulose (TAC) for durability. That coating comes in handy during expeditions where your eyewear is likely to take a beating, or even on a casual beach day when sand inevitably makes contact with the lenses. Recently we put this coating to the test during a sandy river trip in the Utah desert (no, we did not go easy on them), and we returned home with lenses unscathed by the elements. We were impressed.

On water, the Stingray’s lightweight designs get the job done without worry. While the Flare feature a rigid frame, many Stingray models are made with a flexible plastic mold that bends to fit the head. It makes for a comfortable fit that you don’t have to bother with, and also makes them more durable. Stingray’s frames also offer a soft, slip-resistant rubber technology around the nose and ears, so the need for croakies is virtually void. And with most models ranging from $20 to $30 out the door, you won’t hate yourself if you do happen to drop them in the drink. Ideal for downwinding and long summer days of touring!

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