8’10” X 28½” X 4¼”


SHAPER MATT JOHNSTON: Challenger – One who engages in a contest or competition. A genuine contender to the title. The smallest of the Suplove Performance range. We also feature a 9’4″ and 9’10” board of very similar design. We want to provide a board that is right at home and performs well on the surf break. Conversely, we also designed this board to glide well and be light so it appeals specifically to female paddlers everywhere who want a short, light and visually stunning board for flatwater, social and recreational paddling.

TAIL: Swallow tail, narrower than some of the block-style swallow tails featured on other boards. Provides just the right amount of lift when getting onto the wave and releases water well. ROCKER: A moderate and progressive rocker throughout the board. It’s always a balance providing enough rocker to handle wave entries, but keeping enough board on the water line to facilitate clean, straight paddling and easy glide. DECK: The deck appears flat, but has a very slight taper from the center to the rails. It’s easy to stand on and makes you feel sure footed. We use a custom Suplove-Versatraction deck grip on our performance range.

NOSE: Pulled in and pointed to make it easier to get you out through the break and to provide some room to move on the steeper waves. BOTTOM: Hand shaped, tri-plane perfection. Single concave toward the nose, transitioning into double concave toward the rear, with V in the tail to efficiently disperse and release the water. FINS: Five-fin box (four FCS boxes) are standard on the Challenger and the rest of the Suplove performance series giving you flexibility. RAILS: Fuller rails provide stability and buoyancy in the surf and flatwater, depending on use. Soft rails in the front, transitioning into a hard edge toward the rear, giving the rails bite on the face of a wave and making the Challenger easy to turn.

MATERIAL: An EPS foam core, keeping it light, with full-length poplar stringer for added strength and rigidity. All fin boxes are reinforced so if you accidentally hit something, you break fins rather than pull out boxes. These solid foundations are complemented by an epoxy-glass-bamboo finish that is applied using Compression Cell Technology to ensure that the resin evenly permeates the fibers and that the excess resin is removed from the layup, making the boards light and super strong. That’s real bamboo, not decals-adding strength, rigidity and durability. The Challenger is made by artisans, with every board hand shaped from solid blocks of foam-we don’t even use blanks. This hand-shaping process adds to every board’s character and makes it emanate a warmth and “soul” that you just can’t feel in a molded board. It also allows us room for constant innovation. We’re not tied to a mold. The end result is a useable and durable piece of art that weighs in at about 20 pounds.

Stay Tuned for our 2011 Board Guide, coming next week!