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Find the Hala 9′ Convertible and more sweet pieces of gear in SUP Magazine‘s 2018 Gear Guide.

Our Take:

Yet another forward-thinking invention from Hala, the 9′ Convertible Quick-Release and Ankle Leash provides solutions for a range of SUP disciplines. The first leash we’ve seen of its kind, this river/downwind/touring tether features a 2-in-1 mechanism with allows you to attach it as a quick release on your PFD or an ankle leash on your leg. The feature is solid and makes a secure and convenient option for whitewater paddling, touring and downwinding alike.

Hala’s honed in on a length that works well for the range of disciplines. At nine feet stretched it’s long enough to get you well away from your board on a plunge without springing the board back at you too violently. The coil is stiff enough without being too restraining, and after seasons of spills and stretching, it never lost it’s spring. Each component of the leash is stout and manufactured for quality. The velcro attachments are burly and the stitching is thorough. All this makes the leash a little on the heavy side, but its a minor exchange for sturdy security. With the 9′ Convertible you can paddle assured that if you take a rough tumble your board's going to stick with you. 

I got ahold of a prototype for the two years ago and after a few downwind and river runs I couldn’t wait for this leash to hit the market. I carry it and my surf leash in the car and between the two I’m good to go on any occasion. Even if that occasion involves more swimming than paddling. –Mike Misselwitz

Find the Hala 9′ Convertible Quick-Release and Ankle Leash in our 2018 Gear Guide.

Manufacturer’s Take: 
No need to buy two leashes! This 2-in-1 leash includes a quick release mechanism and ankle cuff. You get the option of what attachment you want depending on the waterway you are paddling. Perfect for paddlers looking for versatility, this releasable leash is the answer to all your leash problems.

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