Video | Brown Blurr On A OneWheel

There’s no wrong way to ride a OneWheel…Scratch that; there are plenty of wrong ways to ride a OneWheel, and the ground will quickly let you know if you’re technique is on par. The OneWheel—a single motorized wheel mounted and controlled by two foot paddles fore and aft of the wheel—is the latest craze in boardsports, and it’s found particular popularity among world-class SUP athletes. Guys like Mike Tavares, Luke Hopkins, and now, SUP celebrity Dave Boehne, aka the Brown Blurr, have adopted the OneWheel as their go-to off-water mode of transportation.

The OneWheel is an ideal vehicle for getting from your porch to your paddling put-in, but the pros are taking it a step further and pioneering the progression of OneWheel tricks. The rig can go off-road, in sand, uphill and cruises at up to 15 mph on flatland. Here, Boehne gives it a less conventional whirl in what must be one of OneWheel’s first trick videos. Leave it to the Blurr to get weird on this thing…

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