Gear: Lander Neve Lightning Cable

My mother always told me to enjoy the simple things in life. I’m not sure she had in mind hearty cables for charging Apple electronics but hey, in this age, getting juice to our electronics is part of everyday life. Enter the Lander Neve Lightning Cable, one of those tools that you didn’t think you needed but that we can assure you do.

What makes the Neve different than the ubiquitous white and grey cables that you get with every Apple device you purchase? The first thing we noticed was that each end of the cable was reinforced for constant plugging and unplugging. We’ve been using this thing in our car, coffee shops and homes for over a month and it shows no sign of wear. It’s also a meter long, which means you don’t have to be standing on an outlet to use your device when it’s plugged in. The capper is that the Neve cable is wrapped with Lander’s “Illumaweave” jacket material, which makes spotting the cable in a crowded backpack brain or under a desk a cinch. Genius.


Lander Neve Lightning Cable