Review: Wind Pouch

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There’s nothing like a bad flat spell to take the wind out of your pouch. Lucky for us paddlers and surfers, there’s a new couch on the market to help us wait out the waves, or lack thereof.  It sets up in seconds, it packs up into a small backpack and it holds up with little more than a breath of fresh air from Mother Nature.

Introducing the Wind Pouch, a go-go-gadget portable couch and a pretty ingenious gizmo for the weary paddler. Made of polyurethane-coated, ripstop nylon (used in parachutes) for durability and comfort, the Wind Pouch is basically a giant, air-tight nylon sock. It rolls up and stows in a lightweight backpack perfect for strapping to your SUP or car camping load. And when you’re ready to chill, simply take it out, open up the inflation-mouth at one end of the sock, hold up the bag to catch some wind, roll and clip the end shut to seal in the air, and wallah, you no longer need to lay in the sand. The contraption is dubbed an “inflatable hammock,” and we can see why. It’s among the comfiest, lightest, best traveling portable seating setups we’ve ever encountered.


We love this loveseat, but fair warning: setting it up without wind without reading the instructions is a fools errand. Trust us, we tried—a lot—before actually reading about the technique. The key: don’t spin in circles with the mouth open, sprint for a few yards in a straight line to create your own wind, then seal it shut quick and roll it up. You’ll thank us once your done and lounging, and waves or not, at least you’ll be waiting out the flat spells in comfort and style.

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Photos: Aaron Black-Schmidt