Sunglasses Review: Kaenon Moonstone


A favorite pair of shades is hard to find. Lenses, weight, comfort and fit, not to mention the all-important look—a lot of variables need to align to create your go-to sunnies. For our reviewer, the Kaenon Moonstone was just the right formula.

With a classic aviator teardrop-style frame, the Moonstone pays tribute to that old homage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Their well-weighted frames are of that rare breed that look good on almost anyone. The Moonstone keeps it simple, but employs modern design elements that function well both on and off the water. If you’re looking for a pair of race shades, look elsewhere (we recommend the Hobie Polarized Phin). The Moonstone’s are not specifically built for athletics, but with no-slip pads on the bridge and a snug fit over the ear they do work well on the water (as usual, we suggest using a good pair of glasses retainers while paddling). The Moonstone’s weight is a talking point as well. Holding them in your hand, it’s clear they were engineered to not feel too flimsy or too bulky. On your face the weight feels balanced and comfortable.

Kaenon offers a range of colors and styles for the Moonstone. Our tester tried the matte tortoise frames with brown polarized lenses and found the subtle style to be well-suited for most occasions. The quality of the lenses is notable, too; they’re the kind you wear even when the sun’s not shining, just to make the colors pop. Our reviewer wore the Moonstone every day for six months under the Southern California sun and when it was all said and done, the only bad experience with these versatile sunglasses was losing them at the beach. Chalk that up to an operator error.

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