The Rheo Eddies Floating Polarized Sunglasses. Photo: Black-Schmidt

Sunglasses Review | Rheos Eddies Floating Polarized


If you're like us, you spend a lot of time not just on the water, but in the outdoors in general.

To accommodate all aspects of the outdoor lifestyle, I typically like to have multiple pairs of sunglasses available to me at all times. I keep five pairs in my car, a pair in my camera bag and now, a pair of these floating sunnies from Rheos with my paddling gear.

I've always been a proponent of wearing polarized lenses on the water; being able to look down though the water without the glare of sunlight makes for a more enjoyable paddling experience.  But I’m always worried about losing glasses; even with eyewear retainers the river or ocean makes off with more sunglasses than I'd like to admit.

The Rheos Eddies solve a lot of those problems. Not only do they float, they also are affordable at $50 a pair. The Eddies are just one style of many polarized UV400 lenses with hydrophobic finish (shreds water) on offer by Rheos, so if these don’t tickle your fancy there are plenty of other options that could match your fit. Speaking of fit, I liked the light weight and how well the Eddies hugged my larger noggin. They don't feel flimsy but they are easy to wear. Perhaps the overall durability isn't on par with some more expensive brands, but that's OK with me. These glasses fill a particular niche and fill it well.

Review by SUP magazine photo editor, Aaron Black-Schmidt

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