Wetsuit Review | Quiksilver Highline Performance Front-Zip 3/2mm Wetsuit


When beginning your quest to find the perfect wetsuit, there are a lot of different factors to consider. Flexibility, fit, thickness, durability and cost must all be evaluated to select the right suit for you.

For our reviewer, Quiksilver’s Front-Zip Highline Performance 3/2mm wetsuit checked all these boxes and more.

The first thing he noticed is the suit’s exceptional warmth. Where most surfers prefer a 4/3mm suit in Southern California mid-winter, he was able to wear the Highline year-round for both standup paddling and traditional surfing. He surfed an average of three to four days per week throughout the winter in waters hovering around the mid-50s and never got cold in the Highline. Of course, this is by design.

Quiksilver applied a solid variety of warming features to this suit–most notably their proprietary infrared thermal lining. Quiksilver claims their red thermal lining helps your body retain heat using “mineral-enriched fibers.” We’re not sure what all that entails, but we can confirm that it worked as advertised to keep our reviewer warm.

With the added warmth, the inner lining does come with a bit of extra weight. The porous material does its job by soaking up a lot of water to provide added insulation, but that benefit comes with a bit heavier feel compared some of the new technology out there. The added absorption also means a longer drying time, which can make for a nippy morning deck change, but once you’re snug inside, the insulation is enough to quell any lingering chills.

In terms of fit, the Highline maintained its flexibility and elasticity without tearing or stretching over the six month test period. Our reviewer was pleased with its range of motion and durability, noting that he took the necessary precautions of rinsing the suit in fresh water after ocean outings and stored it in shade to prolong the suit’s lifespan.

Quiksilver used its new neoprene technology on the Highline—the F’N lite neoprene—which our reviewer feels is notably lighter and more flexible than their previous formula.

In addition to a snug neoprene neck liner, the glued and blind stitched seams are reinforced with liquid tape. Together these features do an excellent job of keeping water out and preventing irritation and rashes. Meanwhile, the front zipper showed no signs of wear, kept water out and never had any issues with getting snagged.

So if you’re looking for a solid winter wetsuit that will keep the water out and the warmth in, the Quiksilver Highline Performance is a solid option with the SUP mag stamp of approval.


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