Photo: Erik Aeder

Photo: Erik Aeder

What’s Inside Andrea Moller’s Ride?

Paddler: Andrea Moller
Age: 34
Hometown: Haiku, Maui

Andrea Moller is one of the world's best waterwomen. She's won the Olukai Ho'olauleʻa six times and taken three wins at the outrigger canoe race on the second day of the same event. She's also won the prestigious Molokai-2-Oahu twice and was the first woman to paddle into Peahi (Jaws). We thought she'd have a rad ride. We were right.

1. Keala

My one and only daughter. She's 10 years old and a little surfer, a good student and a good girl. She's big enough to be in the front seat and she tags along on pretty much all the journeys. She's part of the truck (laughs). It's all about her these days.

2. Kato, Nala and Kona

The dogs! They are Daddy (Kato), Mommy (Nala) and Son (Kona). They're a full-time job.

3. Paramedic uniform

I work as a paramedic (sometimes at night) and a lot of the time I get off work and go straight to the beach. I always keep a uniform in the car.

4. Pineapple

A little grocery shopping right there. I always carry food in the car so I don't have to go home to eat. Pineapple is something we always have around here. Some places we surf we have to drive through pineapple fields so they're easy to get.

5. 17-foot downwind SIC board

That's the board for downwind days. On Maui the cool thing is, you always have glassy time in morning, usually a downwinder in the middle of the day and then training at the end of the day.

6. Kai Wa'a Scorpius outrigger canoe

I still do a lot of races on the outrigger. We're just finishing outrigger season. Standup is definitely taking over for me but if there's wind and races, I'll enter. I'm about half-and-half training standup and outrigger right now. When outrigger's done I just do standup.

7. SIC surfboard

When it's glassy, that's what I take out at Kanaha or Lanes.

8. 6'0" shortboard

Surfing is a huge passion for me. If I can hit the surf in the morning before training, that's the board I'll use. My daughter surfs a shortboard as well. It's mandatory in the car.

9. 10'4" Jaws gun

This is a newer board. Sometimes we surf them on a smaller days to get the hang of it before the big days. I'll be ready for next season (Moller was nominated for a 2014 Billabong XXL award for a wave she caught at Jaws this winter).

10. Paddle

That's my standup paddle to surf or to train downwind. The one in the grass is Keala's paddle, still being loaded or unloaded. The loading and unloading is constant. Once I leave my house I don't want to go back. I have to train before I pick up Keala and then she wants to go surf after school. You never know what the conditions will be.

This article originally ran in our Summer 2014 issue as “Inside the Ride.”

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