Photo: Chris Bishow

Photo: Chris Bishow

What’s Inside Brennan Rose’s Ride?

Paddler: Brennan Rose
AGE: 24
HOMETOWN: Huntington Beach, CA

1. Coco and Teemu

Coco (brown) is 13 years old and had 13 puppies. Teemu is one of them. They're Labs, and they're the best dogs I've ever had. They never need leashes, they're always right next to me and they always want to go to the beach. If I'm packing my surf bag she is always trying to pee on my bag because she knows I'm leaving. It's classic.

2. SUP Surf Boards

The 7'6" is more for knee-high to overhead conditions and I have my 8'0" as my all-around gun for bigger conditions. I'm in the shaping bay with Rick Karr (Rogue shaper) in San Clemente and we work together to get all the dimensions I want and all my kind of shapes. They're custom shortboards for me.

3. Race Boards

If I could choose one board to race on it would be my 12'6". My type of racing is surf racing where we're in and out of the surf. I like a smaller board for that because I can surf with it better. For distance, anything over 10 miles, I'm on the 14. It's a great all-rounder.

4. Juicing Tools

I juice in the morning. I'll put in cucumber, parsley, beets, chard, apples, tomatoes, then I'll go for a surf or a training session. I'll do a protein lunch then do a smoothie or have one before bed with chia and flax seed. Sometimes I'll mix it up and do a smoothie in the morning and juice in the afternoon. I've been into juicing for the past six years since I moved to Maui.

5. Paddles

I like a smaller blade. What most people use as a surf blade I use as a race blade. I like to accelerate fast and get in a lot of paddle strokes.

6. Toyota Tacoma

I've always had a beat-down Toyota and six months ago I finally got a 2006 Off-Road Edition Tacoma with less than 100,000 miles on it. It does all the stuff I need: it holds all my boards, it has compartments for leashes, wetsuits, wax, sunscreen. It has a Pioneer (sound system) dashboard and a bunch of speakers. I can take it to Mexico, or go all the way up to Humboldt to do tow-ins or surf big waves and it gets alright gas mileage. It's the perfect surf truck.

Heated Wetsuit (not shown)

I lived so many years in California, I can't handle cold water. It's a Rip Curl H Bomb, and it heats up from light, medium, all the way up to, I don't know, I'm sweating out there. Literally, I'll have steam coming off me. The battery lasts two or two-and-a-half hours but I have an extra if I want to go out again.

Boxing Gloves (not shown)

I box four to five times a week. Boxing is huge training for standup paddling because of the cadence and the rhythm, where you're throwing 100 punches every 30 seconds. I like to box and get it all out. –WT

This article originally ran in our Spring 2014 issue as “Inside the Ride.”

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