Yoga Gear

1. Indo Yoga Board

Standup yoga is so hot right now, but it can be hard to get out on the water everyday. If you have the bug and are busy—and who isn't these days?—the Indo Yoga Board is a great option to get your fix. With three IndoFLO cushions you can dial in the stability of the plank by adding or removing air from them and work the secondary muscles that you also hit while on the water, all from the comfort of your home. The board itself is quite heavy, but on the upside, it'll last for years. A must for dedicated SUP yogis.

2. Prana Revolution Natural Sticky Mat

This is the nicest yoga mat we've ever used. It's biodegradable and earth-friendly without sacrificing performance. The mat is extra wide (30"), extra long and is nice and thin while still being firm, allowing for advanced poses with minor stretching, even on carpet. The mat is quite a bit heavier than average but its superior build and excellent functionality make it a no-brainer for those days you can't hit the water.

3. Wonderland SUP/Yoga Leggings

These stylish leggings from Wonderland Honolulu will become your favorite everyday pant. Not only are they great for yoga, hanging out at the house or heading out for coffee but they also perform. They dry fast and have a tight, comfortable fit which makes them great for morning yoga sessions on the water. You won't want to take them off after you get out either.

4. Citrine Swim Marino Top

If you're looking for a paddling top that will stay in place while in the water and doing yoga, you've found it. The three-strap design spreads itself out across your back, keeping it in place through falls or tough poses while still being extremely comfortable. It fits snugly, dries fast and looks good. What's not to love?


This gear review originally ran in our Summer 2014 issue as “Summer of Yoga.”

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