All photos: Lorenzo Menendez (@fluxphoto)

There’s not a lot we can say about the Maui Dream Retreat that doesn’t speak for itself. World-class destination, the best downwind run on earth, luxury accommodations, paddling with top pros, the whole lot.

If you really want our two cents we’ll defer to the guests, all of whom will tell you the experience is beyond worth the cost and they’ll see you on the next Dream Retreat (we’re looking at you, Galapagos Islands).

For more evidence SUP Magazine’s Maui Dream Retreat is everything it claims to be, flip through the above photos.

Thank you to Dos Equis, Black Project SUP, Maliko Shuttle, Jimmy Lewis and all the guests of the Maui Dream Retreat possible.

Special thanks goes out to our water safety crew Frank Forbes and Milton Martinson, two of the best. If you need to stay safe in the water on Maui, look them up.

And thanks to all our instructors: Suzie Cooney, Zane Schweitzer, Connor Baxter and Jeremy Riggs.

Until next time!

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