Sean Poynter

Sean Poynter, pivoting on a penny and advancing to Round 3 at the Sunset Beach Pro.

2015 Sunset Beach Pro Day 2 Highlights and Results

Today the Sunset Beach Pro saw the end of Round 1 and the repecharge Round compete in pristine, overhead morning conditions that faded as the SW wind picked up toward mid-afternoon. The top two finishers from the first round automatically advanced to Round 3, while the remaining contenders were relegated to the repo. From there, the first-place finishers and the two highest scoring second-place finishers of the repo advanced to Round 3. For everyone else, it’s tough tomatoes as the first elimination round of the main event ran its course.

Highlights in Round One include the highest scoring heat total of the day, an 18.1 from Zane Schweitzer (remember, that’s SUP mag’s predicted shocker…though he’s not really a shocker since everyone knows he rips… but anyway, we so called it). Zane finished his heat with a near perfect wave—a 9.77—sending the rest of his heat’s competitors into combo land.

Further highlights from Round 2 include Mo Freitas competing despite having broken his pelvis only a few weeks back. Man, that kid is tough.

The Brazilians rocked the Round 2 Repo with advances from Kianoa Texeira, Yuri Daberkow, Ian Vaz and Leco Salazar, meanwhile American’s Giorgio Gomez and the legendary Chuck Patterson also advanced alongside Hawaiian phenom, Connor Baxter.

The Round 3 heat draws are stacked with the world’s top SUP surfing contenders. Look forward to fierce competition from here on out and check in with for the morning call tomorrow, as we continue the 6th annual Standup World Tour season opener at the Sunset Beach Pro.


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