Dream Retreat participant under the watchful tutelage of Dave Kalama on Maui’s Maliko Run, the epicenter of the Maui Dream Retreat. Photo: Aaron Black-Schmidt

2017 Maui Dream Retreat Starts Today!

It’s finally here. Eight lucky paddlers are on Maui right now, getting ready to enjoy SUP magazine’s second annual Maui Dream Retreat. Participants will be doing daily Maliko Runs, staying at the peaceful Lumeria Maui and training with some of the most knowledgeable paddlers in the sport, including Zane Schweitzer, Suzie Cooney and Jeremy Riggs.

Not only is Maui the modern birthplace of SUP but the island has produced many of the best paddlers on the planet. Much of that is due to the island’s unique geography, topography and location. Maui is a windy island and the frequent northeast winds slide across the north shore and create one of the best downwind playgrounds on the planet. For all those reasons, Maui is the ideal place to teach people how to downwind paddle.

Paddlers will come away from the camp with greater ocean knowledge, a view into the top paddling community in the planet and experiences that will stay with them forever.

Check back on SUPthemag.com to see photos, video and a recap from this incredible experience.

Thank you to SIC Maui, Black Project, Dos Equis and Shelta Hats for making this event possible!