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The Inaugural Devil's Isle Challenge  

Photos Courtesy of Plastic Tides

Following in the footsteps of Plastic Tides' 2015 nonstop circumnavigation of the Devil’s Isle, the First Annual Devil's Isle Challenge in Bermuda will take place this May 27-30. This event will bring paddlers from around the world to test their skills and resolve with a grueling 50-mile circumnavigation of the island.

"The Devil's Isle Challenge will become the Molokai2Oahu of the Atlantic," said Christian Shaw, founder of Plastic Tides. "It will draw the best paddlers from around the world to duke it out over this stunning 50-mile race course, all in the name of fighting plastic pollution and inspiring the next generation of ocean advocates."

From pros to beginners, this event is accommodating paddlers of all skill levels and will provide for paddlers who can't continuet to the finish, as well as a relay option. There will be a competitive contingent, but it’s mostly about personal challenge, fun and adventure with friends.

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More Than a Race

The Devil's Isle Challenge is much more than simply an endurance race. With one day dedicated to the circumnavigation, the other will be geared towards beginners, intermediates, kids, and community.

"This is not your standard show up-race-leave type experience," Shaw said. "This is a long weekend that will give people the opportunity to experience a greater sampling of Bermuda."

There will be a short kids race around Somerset Bay, a six-mile intermediate race around Somerset Island, rentals for open paddle, sustainability workshops and vendors providing food, drinks and entertainment on the beach.

Scheduled for U.S. Memorial Day weekend, this event features various discounted ticket packages. If you want a tropical yet affordable vacation the whole family can enjoy, the Devil's Isle Challenge may be just what you're looking for.

"We've made this the best opportunity to go to Bermuda at the beginning of the summer for cheap," Shaw said. "We'll even have a camping option for those on the tightest of budgets."

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Giving Back

The event is also intended to raise awareness of oceanic plastic pollution and simple, everyday solutions to the problem. Activities will include a beach cleanup, opportunities to learn from Bermudians about the local environment, and naturally, the event will be entirely plastic-free.

"The themes of Plastic Tides will be ever-present and we hope racers join the community of paddlers spreading our message through their words and actions," Shaw said.

Plastic Tides will also be donating half of the proceeds to establish a free youth paddling program for kids in Bermuda. The goal is to inspire the next generation of ocean advocates through paddling.

"The hope is that this event will make our work in Bermuda financially sustainable for us, while also giving back to the community with the padding program we're creating," Shaw said.

The event is ambitious as not only a 50-mile race, but also an event that will provide paddling fun for the whole family. Add to that educating paddlers about the sustainability of our ocean and harms of plastic, and this has quickly become an all-encompassing paddling experience.

"This event will be at the forefront of endurance racing and have a greater social and environmental impact than any before it," Shaw said.

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Get details and registration info for the Devil’s Isle Challenge website, and more info on the event’s Facebook page.