Los Cabos welcomed some of the best in SUP this weekend at the Hennessey's-WPA World Championships. After a long season of racing, it came down to two final events: a 4-mile buoy course race and 11-mile distance race, where paddlers competed for the last chance to earn series points and cash prizes totaling $16.5k.

Paddlers duked it out during Saturday's 11-mile distance race, where Florida's Chase Kosterlitz and Hawaii's Jenny Kalmbach finished in the leading spots. Chase Kosterlitz took the win over Mexico's favorite, elite paddler Fernando Stalla, in a tight race to the finish where Kosterlitz was able to dig deep and pull out the win. Jenny Kalmbach also had a great race, dominating the field of ladies– and men– with a 5-minute lead ahead of second place finisher and dominant racer, Candice Appleby.

Saturday's second-place finishers, Fernando Stalla and Candice Appleby, came back with vengeance on Sunday to take wins in the 4-mile buoy course race. Sunday's 4-mile elite race tested paddlers' skills with the introduction of a new 'gate' course, which allowed paddlers the option to race through the gate of their choice (left or right) as they rounded a buoy straight out from the beach. Stalla took the win after holding off Ryan Helm, Chase Kosterlitz, Jay Wild and Byron Kurt, who finished second through fifth, respectively. Appleby grabbed the victory ahead of Jenny Kalmbach, Brandi Baksic, Krisztina Zur and Lina Augaitis.

With points from their wins on Sunday and second place finishes Saturday added to cumulative scores from the season, Fernando Stalla and Candice Appleby came out on top as the 2012 Hennessey’s-WPA World Champions.
“I’m super stoked to win the World Championships here in Cabo,” Appleby said. “It’s my third time winning the Hennessey’s World Championships and to win here is really special to me because I have some of the most wonderful, welcoming fans in Mexico,” she said. “It feels really good to make them proud,” Appleby added.

11-Mile Distance Race:
Chase Kosterlitz (1;39;59)
Fernando Stalla (1:40:16)
Ryan Helm (1:43:41)
Byron Kurt (1:49:31)
Sean Pangelinan (1:49:47)
Javier Jimenez (1:51:22)
Ernest Johnson (1:52:10)
Justin Cook (1:55:06)
Rami Zur (1:55:56)
Don Alderman (1:57:55)

Jenny Kalmbach (1:50:01)
Candice Appleby (1:55:51)
Brandi Baksic (1:56:35)
Krisztina Zur (2:02:00)
Lina Augaitis (2:02:52)
April Zilg (2:13:05)
Bernadette Leach (2:17:41)
Kristin Thomas (2:20:49)
Elizabeth Schalka (2:24:14)
Besty Risner (2:25:05)

4-Mile Elite Race:

Fernando Stalla (38:54)

Ryan Helm (39:34)

Chase Kosterlitz (41:10)

Jay Wild (44:00)

Byron Kurt (44:20)

Candice Appleby (46:22)

Jenny Kalmbach (46:39)

Brandi Baksic (47:35)

Krisztina Zur (52:05)

Lina Augaitis (52:59)


For more info, visit: WorldPaddleAssociation.com or HennesseysPaddleboarding.com