Izzi Gomez makes history with the first-ever women’s SUP title at the 2017 Sunset Beach Pro.

APP World Tour | Izzi Gomez and Kai Lenny Win 2017 Sunset Beach Pro!

The 8th annual Sunset Beach Pro—the inaugural competition of the newly formed APP World Tour and the flagship event of the series—played out as prodigiously as expected. It was fabled. It was storied. It was iconic and dare we say, epic. It was every cliché term you could think of to describe a surf competition at Sunset Beach. And in the end it was two familiar champions—Kai Lenny and Izzi Gomez—to take the coveted crowns.

When it comes to SUP surfing Sunset Beach, there’s something sorta magic about Mr. Lenny. Within the first 10 minutes of the men’s 30-minute final, Lenny caught an average wave, made two above average turns and kicked out with 10 points. Within the first 20 minutes, he had the field comboed with an 18.5 heat-total. Needless to say, he crushed his competition—a field stacked with world-class surfers Giorgio Gomez, Mo Freitas and Bernd Roediger—none of whom ever broke free from combo-land. This marks Lenny’s fifth Sunset Beach Pro victory (that’s right, we said fifth), a feat so magical it’d even have David Blaine tripping, if he were a SUP fan.

Kai Lenny, off the top and into his fifth victory at the Sunset Beach Pro. Photo: APP World Tour

The women’s competition, which moved to Sunset Beach from Turtle Bay for its first year ever, saw the ladies rise to the occasion for an incredible display of power surfing on par with most men. After a series of rounds in double- to triple-overhead surf, three-time world champion Izzi Gomez swept the finals for the prestigious title.

“I just had fun, caught some waves, got caught inside a couple times and thought I was gonna drown, but we’re all good,” said Gomez after her final heat. “It means a lot, especially to win here at Sunset. I’m really happy.


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