Augaitis, Ching Win BOP Distance Race

Canadian Lina Augaitis won her first Battle of the Paddle Distance Race crown while Danny Ching took his seventh (including both Hawaii and California BOPs) today. Both the athletes took third in their respective Elite Race categories yesterday.

Augaitis came around the last buoy far behind defending distance champ Annabel Anderson, the clear favorite to win the event. But a solid six-foot set rolled through as the Kiwi made her way toward the finish line, wiping her out and breaking her leash. The reigning champ had a good 100 yards to swim to get to the sand and Augaitis took full advantage, paddling farther north to avoid the waves and hopping of cleanly in the shore break and running in for the win.

“S!@# happens,” Anderson said. “S!@# happened yesterday and s!@# happened today.”

Augaitis was all smiles.

“It’s been a great weekend for me,” Augaitis said. “I couldn’t ask for a better outcome.”

SUP Awards Female Breakthrough Performer Fiona Wylde capped off her stellar weekend with a third place result after her fourth yesterday.

“I’m so happy,” she said. “I didn’t think I could do it but I pulled through.”

Ching was unchallenged on his 14-footer as he came into the beach cleanly and jogged up for a clear victory.

“This is my sixth or seventh win,” Ching said, trying to remember exactly how many times he’s won this race. “It feels awesome.”

Distance unlimited master Rob Rojas also came in unchallenged by competitors but took a big wipeout to finish his race, as he did at the start as well. It clearly didn’t faze him.

Casper Steinfath won in the 12’6″ division.

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Men 14′

1. Danny Ching (1:17:35)
2. Beau O’Brian (01:19:12)
3. Georges Cronsteadt (1:19:14)
4. Chase Kosterlitz (1:19:32)
5. Fernando Stalla (1:19:43
6. Eric Terrien (1:19:45)
7. Titouan Puyo (1:19:45)
8. Mo Freitas (1:19:55)
9. Martin Lerourneur (1:20:18)
10. Niuhiti Buillard (1:20:21)

Women 14′
1. Lina Augaitis (1:26:07)
2. Annabel Anderson (1:27:00)
3. Fiona Wylde (1:28:06)
4. Sonni Hönscheid (1:28:20)
5. Shae Foudy (1:29:16)
6. Shannon Bell (1:31:11)
7. April Zilg ( (1:32:55)
8. Sondra Purser (1:34:47)
9. Coline Guesdon (1:34:57)
10. Kelsa Gabehart (1:34:57)

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