After paddling non-stop for a day and a half from Lowestoft, England, Maui's Bart de Zwart reached Zandvoort, Holland on Friday, June 1. Bart, originally from Holland, left Lowestoft on his 14' Starboard at approximately 9:15 Wednesday morning to begin his solo, unsupported crossing of the North Sea.

For more than an entire day, nobody had heard from Bart. On Thursday around 10 p.m., friends and family heard that the Coast Guard had spotted him only 25km off the coast of Zandvoort. Shortly after, Bart used his cell phone to call TheSpot Watersport Center, where he would be landing, and said he had about 11 miles remaining. At almost 1 a.m. Friday, Bart reached TheSpot in Zandvoort where friends and his father were waiting to greet him with a tulip lei.

"I really would like to thank everybody out there for being that amazingly supportive," Bart's wife, Dagmar, wrote on his blog Friday. Bart is the first person to cross the North Sea, which is about a 100-mile journey and took nearly 39 hours to complete.

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