Connor Baxter and Kai Lenny battle it out to the bitter end
Connor Baxter and Kai Lenny clashed at the AC Open in San Francisco last weekend, as Kai Lenny secured the win in the Sprint Racing component after Baxter's win in the previous day's Long Distance Race. Much to the delight of the crowd, a dramatic tiebreaker was held to decide the champion of the second leg of the US Trilogy of Events.
The athletes agreed on a simple course with one buoy turn, giving them an upwind and downwind leg to decide the event title. After a coin toss to decide the buoy turn direction, Lenny and Baxter were off. Battling neck and neck up until the turn, it was anyone’s game, but as they neared the buoy, Connor edged slightly ahead and maintained the lead to a well-deserved victory at Stop 7 on the 2013 Standup World Series.

Kai Lenny wins the sprints for another dramatic finish
Kai Lenny put on impressive performance throughout the heats today, powering his way through to the Finals amidst World Class competition. In the Final Heat, Lenny had a great start, allowing him to break away from the pack as archrival Connor Baxter got caught in the cluster of paddlers battling behind him. This allowed Kai to take a lead and paddle in cleaner conditions, maintaining his lead to the finish to take the win in the dramatic Sprint Racing in San Francisco. Having put every shred of energy into the Final, Kai then faced Connor one last time for the tiebreaker and had to settle for second in the event, although the two share the points towards the overall World Title.

Annabel Anderson makes a clean sweep at the AC Open
Annabel Anderson impressed the world on Day 1 of the AC Open in San Francisco by leading the entire fleet through the hardest leg of the Long Distance Course, racing with a headwind up to the Golden Gate Bridge and not only winning the Women’s Division, but finishing in a strong fifth place in the Men’s Division— an incredible achievement given the caliber of the athletes at the Standup World Series' AC Open.
However, a new day presented new challenges as the Sprint Racing got underway. In the first race, Annabel and Jenny Kalmbach got caught up rounding the first buoy, allowing Jenny to break away, and maintain the lead to take the first race of three for the Women’s Division.
Race 2 saw Annabel take the win, and then in Race 3, another buoy pile up on buoy 2 saw Hallie Harrison break away to take the lead. However, Annabel and Jenny both recovered quickly to catch up by the third buoy and take the lead by the fourth. In the end, Annabel once again proved victorious, taking the win in both the Long Distance and Sprint Racing to make it a clean sweep at Stop 7 of the 2013 Standup World Series.

Jenny Kalmbach is first to beat Annabel in any SUWS race
Jenny Kalmbach proves to be a real threat on the Standup World Series, putting serious pressure on the seemingly unbeatable Annabel Anderson to take one of three races in the World Series Sprints at Stop 7. In the other two races, it was a battle to the finish, as the two went blow for blow in their quest for victory at the prestigious stop on the 2013 Standup World Series.
With a second place finish in the Sprint Racing, coupled with her second place in the Long Distance, this solidified Jenny’s second place overall for the event. Jenny proved that she has what it takes to earn event titles and will clearly be a name to watch out for moving forward in the Standup World Series.

The battle for third through sixth place saw elite athletes battle
The next battle was for third through sixth, as a selection of the World’s leading athletes were battling for vital positioning in San Francisco and for the glory in front of this prestigious America’s Cup Setting: Mo Freitas, Zane Schweitzer, Eric Terrien, and Kody Kerbox were all in position for a strong finish as they made it through to the finals of the sprint racing, as the scene was set for an epic battle between these elite athletes.
In the end, Zane Schweitzer proved to be a man on a mission, powering off the start and maintaining positioning to earn him a well-deserved third place in the Sprint Racing, which, combined with his fourth place in the Long Distance, propels him to third overall for this prestigious stop on the 2013 Standup World Series.

Mo Freitas proves he's a major double threat
Mo Freitas proved himself to be a major threat in the global scene once again, posting another phenomenal result against the World’s very best at Stop 7 of the 2013 Standup World Series.
After his mind-blowing performances on the Standup World Tour with a win in Brazil in 2012 and Podium finish in 2013, Mo has gone onto show that he is equally as dangerous on the Race Course, with a 3rd place finish here in the Long Distance and a fifth place finish in the Sprints, putting him in fourth place overall for this AC Open in San Francisco— an impressive performance from this young talent from the North Shore of Oahu.

Kody Kerbox steps up at Stop 7
Kody Kerbox once again put on a great performance, with a fifth place finish in the Long Distance and powering ahead of Mo Freitas on the last buoy turn in the Sprint Finals to take fourth place, earning him a solid fifth place overall for the event.
This young athlete has clearly only just begun to show what he is capable of; starting the year with a third place finish on the Standup World Tour's Sunset Beach Pro, Kody has gone from one strength to the next this year and has shown that he is far from one dimensional, with strong finishes in both surfing and racing.

Eric Terrien proudly represents France in San Francisco
Eric Terrien proudly represented France at the AC Open in San Francisco, with strong performances in both the Long Distance and Sprint Racing. Finishing in sixth place in the Long distance and then rounding up the final six places in the Finals of the Sprint Racing, Eric once again proved that he is a force to be reckoned with on the Standup World Series and is always a threat here on the global stage.
With strong results throughout this year, Eric is poised for a solid finish on the Standup World Series as we come to the closing stages of the 2013 tour. Check back for the updated rankings at:

Jen Lee puts on a solid performance at Stop 7 of the Series
Jen Lee put on a solid performance in both the Women’s Sprints and Long Distance to claim an impressive third place overall at the second leg of the Standup World Series' US Trilogy of Events. With a third place in the Long Distance and a fourth place in the sprint racing, Jen proved that she can hold her own on the Standup World Series, as she put on quite a performance before the crowd of America's Cup spectators.
As we look ahead to Huntington and then the prestigious Finals at Turtle Bay on Oahu’s fabled North Shore, Jen will be looking for a strong finish in this dramatic 2013 season.

Halie Harrison puts on an impressive performance in SF
Halie Harrison put on a performance beyond her years at the AC Open this weekend, with a strong finish in the Long Distance that saw her in third place, only to be thwarted by taking one of the Red Bull Marks the wrong way and disqualifying her solid third place result.
However, in the Sprints, Halie had redemption, with an impressive third place finish behind Annabel and Jenny. Having led the finals at one point following the buoy drama, Halie showed her true potential on the Standup World Series: she's a serious contender.

Next up: The Grand Slam in Surf City USA
Stay tuned as we build up to the final leg of the 2013 Standup World Series' US Trilogy of Events, the Huntington Beach Pro Grand Slam. The event will feature both Standup World Series racing and World Tour paddlesurfing contests with the best paddlers from around the globe battling in “Surf City,” Huntington Beach, Calif.

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