The Hawaiian contingency on the Standup World Series apparently feels very comfortable in Brazil: the top five overall finishers from the sprint and distance races were Hawaiian (Denmark’s Casper Steinfath shared an equal fifth with Kody Kerbox).

Connor Baxter is the man to beat at the moment, winning both the sprints and the long distance race on his way to the overall title. Kai Lenny was close behind but could never close the gap on Baxter and took second in both races.

On the women’s side, it was an all-Brazil affair. Ariela Cesar Pinto took the overall win with a second in the sprints and a first in the distance.

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Overall Results:


1) Connor Baxter

2) Kai Lenny

3) Mo Freitas

4) Zane Schweitzer

=5) Kody Kerbox

=5) Casper Steinfath


1) Ariela Cesar Pinto

2) Barbara Brasil

3) Lena Guimaraes

=4) Luciana Kern Malles

=4) Monica J. Pasco