Chris Bertish Less Than 24 Hours From History

Trans-Atlantic standup paddler Chris Bertish is reportedly less than 24 hours away from landing on Antigua and becoming the first person to SUP across that infamous stretch of ocean.

As Bertish takes his final strokes toward the island, SUP magazine is on location in the Caribbean to bring you full coverage of his landing in real time.

We will be streaming Bertish’s arrival to Antigua via Facebook Live. This will give our viewers unparalleled access to one of the greatest achievements in our sport’s history. In addition to live streams, our viewers can also expect full coverage including social media updates, photos and stories from this historic day.

At this moment, Chris is less than 35 nautical miles away from the mouth of English Harbour in Antigua. Fueled by easterly winds gusting at 25-30 knots, Bertish has a head of steam behind him as nears completion of his incredible journey.

Bertish began paddling on December 6 in Agadir, Morocco with his team estimating a whopping 4,000 nautical miles of open ocean ahead of him. Over the course of the past three months, Bertish has been tested by storms, sharks and the psychological pressures of being at sea alone.

Despite these challenges and many more, the man from South Africa has persevered and is now less than 24 hours from completing the very first solo, unassisted crossing of the Atlantic Ocean on standup.

Bertish is expected to arrive sometime on Thursday morning between 6 am PST and 11 am PST (10 am and 3 pm local time). A very special welcoming ceremony will a commence upon his arrival, with a press conference scheduled for later in the day.

Stay tuned to SUP magazine for full coverage of the big day and make sure to like our Facebook page to see Bertish complete #TheSUPCrossing in real time.


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