SUP World Cup Germany

Euro Cup is one of the most prominent race series on earth. It all culminates in this race, Germany’s SUP World Cup. Photo: Waterman League

2015 Euro Cup Breakdown


Is it too early to break down the Euro Cup—this summer’s premier series across the Atlantic and one of the coolest titles in the race game? We don’t think so. When news breaks, we put it together to share with the world. And well, news broke. So, here’s what’s happening with the 2015 European Cup.

After this week’s announcement from the Waterman League—the governing body of the Standup World Series—the world’s top SUP racers are preparing to take on a revamped European Cup for the 2015 race season. The Euro Cup is pulling out at all stops this year with five events in five countries, introducing two full-status “World Series” races in addition to three “World Challenger” events, the second tier of World Series competition.


Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 3.11.18 PM

Athletes of the 2015 Standup World Series Photo: Waterman League

Format and Ranking:

No need to break tradition here. As with past Cups, racers will be ranked based on their top three results, with each event weighted in points relative to its respective stature. That means World Series races will be worth more points than World Challenger races and the stakes are raised by adding two. All races will consist of a long-distance race and a sprint competition—the standard for events in the Standup World Series. Crowns go to racers with the best combined results.

The Schedule:

Stop 1: Oleron Island Challenge // Oleron Island, France // June 19th—21st // World Challenger Series

Stop 2: Spain (specific location TBA) // June 26th—28th // World Series

Stop 3: The Sieravuori SUP Masters // Sieravuori, Finland // July 3rd—5th // World Challenger Series

Stop 4: Rome, Italy // July 24th—26th // World Challenger Series

Stop 5: SUP World Cup // Fehmarn, Germany // August 7th—9th // Final; World Series


The Breakdown

Stop 1: Oleron Island Standup Paddle Challenge

Oleron Island Challenge

Competitors take to the start line for the Oleron Island Paddle Challenge, the first stop in this year’s Euro Cup series. Photo: Waterman League

On June 19th, the world’s elite racers will converge on France’s Oleron Island for the Euro Cup series opener, the Oleron Island Standup Paddle Challenge. This World Challenger event was the second stop last year, but this year it will replace the 2014 series opener, the Bilbao World Paddle Challenge, since Spain’s event has been upgraded to World Series stature and rescheduled for June 26th.

Last year’s Oleron Island Challenge was won by New Caldonia’s Titouan Puyo ahead of France’s own Eric Terrien (2nd) and Hawaii’s Zane Schweitzer (3rd). On the women’s side, France’s Cecile Gondre took first ahead of runner up, Valerie Vitry.

Oleron Island Standup Paddle Challenge trailer:


Stop 2: Spain: A World Series race


Last year, the Spanish sector of the Euro Cup was held in Bilbao, Spain. The location has yet to be announced for this year’s competition, but Waterman League CEO, Tristan Boxford, promises it will be “amazing.” Photo: Waterman League

 This event is so brand new, literally all we can say for sure at this point is it takes place June 26th—28th. Tristan Boxford, CEO of the Waterman League, declined to comment early, keeping the location a surprise for an official announcement next week. But he did say the event’s location is going to be “amazing.” My oh my, the anticipation. Expect a star-studded showing of SUP talent for this event at the mysterious and “amazing” location, since it is new and one of the two official World Series-status races in the Euro Cup. The Waterman League promised to release event details to SUP next week, so stay tuned to for the updates.


Stop 3: The Sieravuori SUP Masters


Racers stand poised at the start line for the 2014 Sieravuori SUP Masters. Photo: Jukka Aro / Replay Factory

This World Challenger event, scheduled July 3rd—5th, was introduced in 2014 and offers open-entry to the gamut of paddlers for both the distance and sprint races in this breathtaking region. Novices and experts will compete side-by-side in Finland’s famed vacation destination, with the town, Lomakeskus Sieravuori, providing a picturesque backdrop for this prestigious stop on the World Challenger Series and European Cup.

Last year’s Sieravuori SUP Masters crowned Maui’s champion SUP surfer and racer, Zane Schweitzer, ahead of the European contingent with Casper Steinfath (Denmark), Eric Terrien (France) and Leo Nika (Italy). Germany’s Noelani Sach took a commanding first-place finish in the women’s division. And, if last year’s $10,000 prize purse is any indication of the rewards for this year’s Finland World Challenger pot, prepare for a heated battle in chase of the coveted title (and prize purse).

Video coverage of the 2014 Sieravuori SUP Masters from the Waterman League:


Stop 4: Rome, Italy

The modern day Roman coliseum, less blood, more water, but an arena for cutthroat battle, nonetheless. Photo: Waterman League

The modern day Roman coliseum, less blood, more water, but an arena for cutthroat battle, nonetheless. Photo: Waterman League

Rome puts on a famously radical race. Last year’s stop in Rome marked the fifth and final competition for the Euro Cup with one of the fiercest match ups of the series. Stakes were high as the final established both the European Cup victor and the overall European Champion.

The four-lap, 10 km course found last year’s racers competing in 20 knot winds for a challenging blend of downwind and upwind racing. In the end, Danish standout Casper “The Viking” Steinfath championed the sprint race and took second in the distance competition to sweep the event title, second in the European Cup and the overall European Title. Meanwhile, Spaniard Laura Quetglas finished first in both the sprint and the distance race for the overall women’s title in the Roman event at Santa Severa Beach.

Stop 5: Camp David SUP World Cup Fehmarn, Germany

sup world cup

The event site for the 2015 SUP World Cup. Beyond the races, this site will host a massive surf expo and a DJ-equipped after party for one of Europe’s biggest and baddest paddling events. Photo: Waterman League

The Euro Cup closes with the most prestigious competition of the series, the Camp David SUP World Cup in Fehmarn, Germany. This event—the second and final World Series competition of the Euro Tour—will take place on the Baltic Sea with a prize purse of $25,000 for event champions. Expect to see last year’s SUP World Cup champion, Connor Baxter, jockey hard to defend his title against 2014’s runner up, Kai Lenny, third place finisher, Jake Jensen, and fourth place contestant, Zane Schweitzer.

But the German finale doesn’t end with the competition. As with years passed, this stop is paired with a massive standup paddle demo and an awesome after party. It’s one of Europe’s biggest standup paddling events and it’s a hell of a time.

We still have a few months till the Euro Cup, but it’s good to have some notice. Race season is here. Time to get out there and train.


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