Body of 26-year-old paddleboarder Mark Nestenius was found Tuesday near the Bob Sikes Bridge in Florida’s Santa Rosa Sound. Photo: AA Roads

Escambia County Authorities Find Missing Paddleboarder’s Body Near Santa Rosa Sound

The body 26-year-old Marc Nestenius—a paddleboarder who was reported missing in the area of Pensacola, Florida on Sunday evening—was found on Tuesday, authorities report.

Nestenius’ body was spotted in the Sound east of the Bob Sikes Bridge yesterday, one day after his paddleboard and PFD were found by jet skiers north of Little Sabine, said a spokesperson for the county sheriff’s office.

Details of the incident remain somewhat vague but it is assumed that Nestenius’ PFD was not secured to his body at the time of the accident. There was no mention of a leash in the report.

Mark Nestenius, 26. Photo: WKRG News

“I paddleboarded in the morning so I knew the winds were rough,” said Nestenius’ mother, Rosalie, who the University of Texas graduate was visiting for the weekend. “I told him about it and he said 'OK mom,' and he's a very responsible kid, I mean extremely responsible so I had no worries about that.”

This tragedy serves as a reminder for everyone to practice water safety and make safe SUP choices this winter.

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