Local paddler Shae Foudy practices at Doheny State Beach. Expect a good performance from her in October. Photo: Aaron Black-Schmidt

Shae Foudy digging trenches in her local turf at Doheny State Beach. Photo: Aaron Black-Schmidt

Future, Past and Present with Shae Foudy

New Year Resolutions of a 17-Year-Old SUP Champion

by Annie Maize

Tis the season to look back on 2015—aspirations and challenges, shortcomings and accomplishments. ‘Tis also the season to look forward to the new year—goals you want to reach and changes you want to make. From finishing fourth overall at the inaugural Pacific Paddle Games, to winning GoPro's "Rookie of the Year", to being awarded Breakthrough Performer of the Year at SUP Awards, 16-year-old Shae Foudy met her goals for 2015 with a winning strategy. And with the new year growing older every day, she wasted no time drafting up a new checklist.

Reviewing 2015, Foudy credits the goals she set early on for her extraordinary year.

"If I wouldn't have written down my 2015 goals I wouldn't remember what I was working towards," Foudy said. "They were reminders to why I push myself everyday."

One of Foudy’s main goals for 2015 was to establish a position in the upper echelon of the women's race realm, and that she did. This year, she aims to climb the ranks. To do that, Foudy wll need to keep up with her longtime idols, world champions Annabel Anderson and Candice Appleby.

"They've been role models since the beginning, and I think being around them will make me that much stronger of a paddler," Foudy said.

If 2016 goes anything like last year for Foudy, hanging with the top dogs won’t be an issue. She beat both the champs in last year’s Tommy Bahama Paddleboard Race and Ocean Festival in Santa Monica, and put on astounding performances alongside Appleby and Anderson in both the technical and distance races at Pacific Paddle Games.

"The final race at PPG was my most unforgettable memory of the year," Foudy said. "Candice, Fiona Wylde, Annabel, Angie Jackson and I were all side-by-side for the final moments. It was the most insane and probably the most rewarding feeling ever."

Shae Foudy hoists her hardware for Female Breakthrough Performance. Photo: Aaron Black-Schmidt

Shae Foudy hoists her hardware for Female Breakthrough Performance. Photo: Aaron Black-Schmidt

Another of Foudy’s 2015 resolutions was to become more involved in her community, so she joined the Paddling Academy and Miracles for Kids, organizations that encourage kids to get on the water.

"A lot of the kids I get to take out on the water have never even been to the beach," Foudy said. "So it’s an experience in itself just getting them there."

Looking to 2016, Foudy’s most excited to work with her sponsors, plan some trips and enter races. Carolina Cup, Japan Cup, the Euro Tour are all targets on her radar.

"Traveling to more races around the world will allow me to get more experience," Foudy forecasts.

But there’s a lot more to teen life than jet-setting and standup paddling. Deciding whether or not to apply to college is one of the biggest choices Foudy faces; after all, homework and finals aren’t exactly convenient for a globe-trotting SUP star. Foudy hasn’t made any decisions there quite yet, and that’s OK; she has time. Whatever path she decides upon, Foudy’s confident paddling and the paddling community will always be part of her life. At the rate she’s going, it won’t be long before a world champion title becomes part of her life, too.

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