All photos: Mike Muir

Hundreds of surfers, paddlers and friends paddled out at Huntington Beach Pier this past Saturday to celebrate the life of professional paddler and surfer Sophia Tiaré Bartlow. The 25-year-old tragically passed away two weeks ago in a car crash near Waialua, on Oahu, Hawaii. She was a beloved member of the ocean sports community and was well-known for her contagious positivity and hard-charging attitude on the water.

The crowd at Bartlow’s memorial was a testament to her undeniable popularity, with over a thousand people coming out to pay tribute. In a particularly touching moment, people formed three circles in the water and began chanting Bartlow’s mantra–Love, Shine, Glow!–while a lifeguard boat fired a cannon shot in her honor. Following the paddle out, family and friends embraced and shared memories, including a heartfelt remembrance by fellow paddler and close friend, Candice Appleby. Here are a few of the scenes from the emotional ceremony.

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