Video | Red Bull Party Wave | Waikiki Beach, Hawaii

Wow. Red Bull’s done it again. Another outstanding event in action sports, and this time, in our favored sector—standup paddling, ooorrr, something along those lines…To think, there must be a team out there on the Red Bull payroll whose sole job it is to come up with the most ridiculously radical, famously far flung, awesomely outlandish action sports events possible. Who the heck are these people? After witnessing the recent Red Bull Party Wave event at Waikiki Beach, Hawaii—where Kai Lenny and a hand full of other Red Bull athletes judged as teams of raucous seamen and women took to the surf in extremely unconventional standup paddle crafts—we really want to meet Red Bull’s team of event innovators. Heck, maybe they’d be interested in helping us throw the upcoming SUP Awards 2015? Regardless, we’ll take notes of inspiration from Red Bull’s ability to organize chaos in their paddling events. We might even have a Jamaican bobsled standup event (see 0:23) at our massively monumental new event—Pacific Paddle Games—all set to bring elite racing, and the elite racing community, back to Doheny State Beach this coming October.

That’s right, we said it. We’re hosting the hottest new elite race event on the calendar—Pacific Paddle Games—this October at the beloved Dohney State Beach.

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