SUP Women | Great Success at Roxy’s #RunSUPYoga in Huntington Beach

There was certainly no shortage of good vibes, great people and high energies as Roxy’s #RunSUPYoga series hosted around 1,000 female participants at Huntington Beach last Saturday. #RunSUPYoga is a three-part, all-women’s event aimed to promote active and healthy lifestyle across the globe. Together with host and Roxy ambassador, world champion surfer Stephanie Gilmore, #RunSUPYoga has been touring the world to spread love and awareness for fitness and outdoor lifestyle. The famous Southern California beach was covered with standup paddleboards, yoga mats, running shoes and booths from Zico and Cabo Chips, providing energizing food and drinks.

The overcast morning started with a two-heat, one-kilometer SUP race. To no one’s surprise, Gilmore came in first-place looking as graceful as can be, followed by 50 or so women paddling vigorously to keep up with the champion surfer (myself included, huffing and puffing to finish just two places behind Gilmore). After a quick wardrobe change, shoes were laced and the shoreline 5k run began. Right off the bat, a lot of us women were not prepared to run on the sand, but despite the sandy struggles everyone who started the run crossed the finish line with to encouraging cheers from the crowd. The top-six paddlers and top-three runners all won prizes presented by Roxy. Following the run — and after a much needed water, snack and lay-face-down-in-sand break — came the hour long, relaxing and reinvigorating yoga session lead by humorous host, Elise Jone. By this time the sun was gleaming down on the roughly 650 women getting our Vinyasa on in the sand. All in all, the day brought more than 1000 women together to celebrate life, fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

Photo: Annie Maize

Photo: Annie Maize

In the end, we caught up with Stephanie Gilmore to reflect on the outstanding event:

SUP: What makes you want to be a part of events like #RunSUPYoga?
SG: I just love to see girls being encouraged and inspired. I love that Roxy has always been an iconic brand, not only for surfing but to get girls to challenge themselves physically and get out there and have fun and not just lay there and be beach babes.

SUP: What’s different about #RunSUPYoga compared to other events you’ve done in the past?
SG: This event mixes it up, it’s not just a run or a surf or a sup. That’s what you have to do to keep exercise interesting, you have to mix it up.

SUP: As a professional surfer what’s your opinion on SUP?
SG: I actually love it. I injured my knee a couple months ago, and SUP has been the perfect rehabilitation tool because it’s the perfect amount of balance, a good way to trigger different muscles and the core strength it builds is incredible. Obviously in flat water it’s good, while in waves it’s pretty challenging. Everyone thinks surfers would be pretty good at it but it’s really difficult; it’s a totally different type of balancing and you find yourself sore in so many different places compared to surfing.

SUP: How do you think the HB #RunSUPYoga went?
SG: The turnout was incredible, all the girls were real excited. The vibe was great, I think it was a huge success!

SUP: What’s next for #RunSUPYoga?
SG: This event is definitely going to happen again. After seeing the success of each event, including Barcelona, Bali, Hawaii and especially here in Huntington, we’ll be doing it in even more awesome locations and next year will be even bigger and better.

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