The Search For Freedom | An Action Sports Documentary

Documenting the chase of life in the moment With Robby Naish and Kai Lenny

“It happened on a lake.” “On our honeymoon in Tahiti.” “I was so scared, nervous, excited.” “…It happened so fast.”

Ask any standup paddler—no matter how experienced—about their first time on a SUP, and they’ll remember it like yesterday. There’s a reason we’re hooked on standup paddling, and it’s not the lugging around equipment or the stereotypes we’re working to shake in the surf community.  It’s those experiences—just like the first time—when you’re completely lost in the joy of the moment. Those experiences, as fleeting as they are enslaving, of undeniable and indubitable freedom.

That’s the subject of The Search for Freedom, a new documentary film written and produced by Jon Long (IMAX® Extreme) and partnered with GrindTV—the go-to online publication for all action sports. After years spent documenting various action sports and their enthusiasts, Long was compelled by one overarching theme shared among athletes in every realm of action activity. He compiled his footage and wrote the “story of a cultural revolution fueled by the human desire to live in the moment and do what makes you feel the most alive.”

The film features breathtaking footage and elite athlete interviews in action sports from SUP to motocross. The SUP segment profiles two of standup’s greatest heros—Robby Naish and Kai Lenny (see teasers below), both of whom have built careers by living in the moment. The duo provide archetypal ambassadors of the stoke in our sport, and their segments alone are worth a viewing. All in all, the film is fantastic. It will be featured in more than 75 theaters for a nation-wide showing on Wednesday, June 10. Visit the film’s website to find a showing in your city. This is one you want to see in theaters, trust us.

Teaser for Robby Naish’s part

Teaser for Kai Lenny’s part