urban paddle guideThe Ultimate SUP Guide to America’s Cities—Urban Paddle Guide By SUP ATX

Share your local knowledge, get published, grow the guide and maybe win a prize

Local advice. When it comes to paddling in foreign waters, there’s nothing better. What if every time you traveled to a new city or town, you had a local paddler to break down the best SUP spots, shops and local tricks? Well, savvy paddler, meet the Urban Paddle Guide.

What it is:

The Urban Paddle Guide is America’s manual for paddling in cities and towns nationwide—written by paddlers, for paddlers. SUP built an interactive map that breaks down city by city with locally written summaries and insider tips for standup paddling in US territories nationwide. Our readers write us about their hometowns—highlighting the best spots, outfitters and local advice—and we turn their words into SUP travel guides. It’s kinda like the Lonely Planet for standup paddling, only chalk full of local wisdom.

jupiter urban paddle guide

Jupiter is one of a hand full of Florida towns profiled in the Urban Paddle Guide. Is your town in there? Photo: Panas

How it works:

Go to the Urban Paddle Guide page and check out the interactive map. Look for your hometown to see what people have shared. If it hasn’t been written about, write it! Click the “Submit” button and gift your local knowledge to the SUP world. We’ll publish your words, and enter you for a chance to win a new SUP, paddle or free trip provided by SUP ATX!

Traveling somewhere? Look up the city in the Urban Paddle Guide. You’ll learn things like the best season for paddling, the area’s top breaks, water temps, hazards, laws and rental shops. You might even find out where to snag the best pint and burger in town for your post-paddle grub-down.

Get excited, American SUP travelers. Our network is growing and along with it, the ultimate paddling database. Soon we’ll be able to go anywhere in the country and know the local dirt on the waterways. But it only works with your help! Give back to the paddling community, enter to win awesome stuff, and check out the Urban Paddle Guide when you’re planning your next SUP trip. Isn’t local knowledge great?

From the Urban Paddle Guide:

Morrow Bay, California

Orlando, Florida