Video | Brennan Rose | Maui Summer Swells

Here at SUP mag, we love a good SUP surfing edit. In fact, we pine over them. Our team of web editors, assistant editors and interns spends a fair portion of the workdays scouring the internet cosmos in search of newly released, high-quality SUP videos of all persuasions, but when we discover a fresh edit of top-knotch standup surfing, we holler “Eureka!” and probably piss off the business folk across the partitions of our cubicles, but I digress.

Truth is, we’d love to see more quality SUP surfing edits out there, and we’re happy to share them. In the surf industry, clips drop 24/7 like chips on a Vegas craps table, athletes send the links to surf pubs and reap the benefits of exposure when publications like SURFING magazine blow them up. We want the same for the SUP industry; we want to provide fans with the go-to library of high-level SUP surfing cinema and we’re eager to show the world what progressive SUP surfing is all about. So please, if you rip, get a filmer, press record and compile your best clips. Bundle them up with a little flare and a catchy tune and send them our way. We will review them, and if they’re on par, we’ll post them. Heck, we’ll even premier the standouts. Oh, and extra points for barrels and aerials.

Here’s a new one from Brennan Rose’s summer on Maui, 2:13 seconds of the gold we love to see. Eureka!

To submit your edits for review, email our web editor.

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