Video: Introduction to Downwinding in Central California

The thrills of downwinding may not be obvious to the unacquainted paddler. It’s not really flatwater paddling, but it’s not really surfing either. It’s distance paddling, but with a bit less endurance, a bit more adrenaline, and an earthly element to propel you through the exhaustion. It’s a growing sector of SUP that employs the skills of all other sectors. And it’s available anywhere with water and wind.

This video from Vincent Shay of Avila Beach Paddlesports profiles the 6.5-mile downwind run from Avila Beach to Shell Beach in Central California, an optimal option for an introductory downwinder. Shay breaks down not only the thrills of downwinding, but the assessment, logistics and basic skills he puts to work every time he and his wife Emily go downwinding on their favorite section of coastline.

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Contact Vincent and Emily Shay to set up your Central California downwinding tour.