Video | Payette River Games | The Richest SUP Race on Earth

The world’s wealthiest SUP race and premier river event Kicks off June 19

From flatwater fanatics to big-wave Daves, rapid-running radicalists to downwinding deviants, everyone in the SUP community is buzzing about the Payette River Games. The world’s premier river SUP event—also the wealthiest SUP competition on the calendar with a $50,000 prize purse—is set to return to Cascade, Idaho, in epic fashion from June 19 to 21.

Athletes from around the globe and all backgrounds of the sport will converge on the world-class venue at Kelly’s Whitewater Park for a weekend of eclectic competition and camaraderie that, in recent years, played a pivotal role in establishing whitewater SUP in the international SUP scene. SUP surfers like Kai Lenny and last year’s winner, Fernando Stalla—who until last year’s PRG competition had little to no experience on whitewater—among a massive array of elite athletes, will join the river community once again to try their hand at the newest and fastest growing sector in SUP.

Last year, SUP the mag covered the Payette River Games as part of the River Life Road Trip.

This year, stay tuned to for exclusive coverage of the 2015 PRG.

Plenty of changes planned for this year’s event. Learn about them in our exclusive interview with race organizer Dan Gavere.