As humans, and standup paddlers particularly, we are forever indebted to Mother Nature. She gifts us our favorite pastime, not to mention our ability to sustain life on this planet. For that reason, we at SUP hold Mother Earth’s holiday—Earth Day (today)—in high regard. We’re celebrating with the online release of a story from our current issue—suitably themed the E-issue—that features a human-powered, backyard adventure by bike and SUP. Just goes to show, we don’t need fossil fuel to have fun.

There are many ways for SUPers to celebrate Earth Day. One is by using SUP to rid our seas of plastic. In the first episode documenting their Bermuda E-adventure, the crew of Plastic Tides celebrates Earth Day by doing just that. Touring the Bermuda coastline, towing trash-collecting devices and gathering that which never biodegrades—this is their story. It serves as a reminder to us all: Every day is Earth Day.

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