Video | #SUPTourNotes | U.S. Open of SUP

Behind the Scenes at the Final Stop on the 2015 Standup World Tour

It’s not all cutthroat competition, world-class SUP surfing and high-speed race carnage on the Standup World Tour and Series. In fact, water-time takes up a but small percentage of the athletes’ time during contests. The majority of their days is spent on the beach, where this community of elite athletes who travel together, surf together and fart around together can’t help but conjure up all sorts of random shenanigans to keep entertained while not engaged in competition.

Hurley’s #SUPTourNotes, filmed by World Tour contender Noa Ginella during the U.S. Open of SUP in Huntington Beach, is a spin off the original Hurley #TourNotes, which documents life on the World Surfing League (WSL). It gives fans a behind-the-scenes vantage into the #SUWT/#SUWS shenanigans going down beyond the singlet, and boy isn’t that great?

Coverage of the actual competition at the U.S. Open of SUP

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