Word on the Water | Would You Rather: Surf a 20-ft wave or run a class IV rapid?

Asked in Jupiter, Florida

Trevor Parry

Trevor Perry

Occupation: Blueline Surf and Paddle Co. Employee
I'd surf a 20-foot wave. Rapids are pretty cool, I grew up around them my whole life but I feel like nothing compares to the power of a huge wave. It would be incredible just to be part of it.

Julie Allen

Julie Allen

Occupation: SUP Yoga teacher
I would rather do the rapids, mostly because I've seen those waves. And they're big (laughs).

Rachel Ferguson

Rachel Ferguson

Occupation: Nurse at Jupiter Medical Center
Given that I just started surfing and six-foot waves really mess me up and I grew up in Montana in the mountains and I've done a Class IV, I'd rather do that.

George & Conner Sturgis

Connor and George Sturgis

Occupation: Students
I'd rather ride a 20-foot wave because it gives you an experience that you'll never forget. My brother, he would like to go down rapids because he likes the thrill of it.

Steve Bernstein

Steven Bernstein

Occupation: Physical Therapist
I'm kind of new to the surfing thing but I'd attempt the 20-foot wave if there were really good conditions. I think my skill level on Class IV rapids would definitely put me in the water a lot more than I would actually be on top of it. I might actually have a bit of a chance on the 20-foot wave.

Kim Barnes

Kim Barnes

Occupation: Elementary School Teacher
SUP surf a 20-foot wave, for sure, because it seems more manageable. Whitewater is totally intimidating unless you know how to read water like that. And I used to whitewater kayak in North Carolina!

This feature originally ran in SUP’s Fall 2015 issue.

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