Lost mills

Week 3 of the Euro Tour finds the world’s elite racers at the Lost Mills event in Germany Photo: Lost Mills

2015 Euro Tour | Week 3 | Lost Mills “Fastest Paddler On Earth”

15-year-old Trevor Tunnington and Canadian Powerhouse Lina Augaitis win “Fastest Paddler On Earth” trials at Lost Mills

Remember being a teenager? Remember the power of bragging rights—how the title of team captain, valedictorian, class-clown or prom queen influenced your reputation? Well, imagine if you could have claimed, “Fastest Paddler on Earth” to your teenage compatriots. Think you’d have had any trouble in the parking lot?

After today’s trials at the 2015 Lost Mills races in Germany—the first round of Week 3’s stop on the inaugural Euro Tour—let’s just say 15-year-old Trevor Tunnington‘s milk money is secure. In the 200-meter Fastest Paddler on Earth sprint, Tunnington beat out world-class racers like Danish Viking, Casper Steinfath (2nd), Jake Jensen (3rd) and Hawaiian champion Connor Baxter (4th) to join female trials winner, Lina Augaitis, who’s now taken the women’s title two years in a row. Once again, Augaitis beat out runner up Angie Jackson by tenths of a second in nearly identical fashion to their exchange at last year’s Lost Mills sprint race.

Tunnington and Augaitis may have won the opening battle at Lost Mills, but the European race war is far from over. The event will continue through June 6 and culminate with an 18-kilometer distance race, in edition a kids race and a parallel slalom for the 14′ class to boot. But by far the most novel and experimental race of the event—the Waterwolf slalom—doesn’t include a paddle at all. The Waterwolf is a newly released European invention that brings every child’s dream machine to reality. It looks like something out of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle video game…Think part SUP, part jetski, part hover board—basically an electric surfboard for flatwater that can do upwards of 20 miles per hour. Needless to say, a slalom race with this futuristic machine will no doubt prove extremely entertaining.

lost mills waterwolf

Competitors are liable to reach up to 20 miles an hour in the inaugural Lost Mills Waterwolf Slalom Photo: Lost Mills Facebook

After Lost Mills, the Euro Tour will then continue with the Bilbao World SUP Challenge on June 13-14 in Week 4 of the series. Stay tuned to SUPthemag.com for updates and footage from Lost Mills—including highlights from the Waterwolf slalom—and more exclusive coverage from the 2015 Euro Tour.

Tour Schedule

WEEK #1: Port Adriano SUP Race
– Mallorca, Spain, May 23 & 24

WEEK #2: The SUP Race Cup
– St. Maxime, France, May 30 & 31

WEEK #2: St'Ives Bay Celtic Cup
– St. Ives, UK, May 30 & 31

WEEK #3: The Lost Mills
– Brombachsee, Bavaria, Germany, June 4-6

WEEK #4: Bilbao World SUP Challenge
– Bilbao, Spain, June 13 & 14

WEEK #5: The Adriatic Crown
– Marotta, Italy, June 20 & 21

WEEK #5: Deep SUP Race
– Noja, Spain, June 20 & 21

WEEK #6: Happy Summer SUP Race
– Namur, Belgium, June 27 & 28