Brazil 2014

Brazil’s own Caio Vaz—champion of last year’s Standup World Tour stop in Brazil—will now need to wait till August to defend his crown. Photo: Waterman League

2015 Standup World Tour Schedule: What’s Changed and Why


Football fans have the NFL. Soccer the MLS. Baseball the MBL, surfing the WSL, even wrestling has the WWF. And SUP has the SUWT.

For six years the Standup World Tour, along with its racing counterpart, the Standup World Series, has supplied the top-tier of competition for SUP surfing and racing. It’s the big leagues, home to the highest echelon of athletes and much more, it’s turned SUP into an internationally followed spectator sport.

But as we round into the early weeks of spring looking forward to our usual helping of SUWT action in Brazil, SUP’s spectators are left with radio silence and blank webcasts. The Brazil Pro Grand Slam—traditionally a cornerstone mid-spring event on the World Tour and Series—was rescheduled for mid-summer. Now, those webcasts will be blank till the calendar’s next event—the highly anticipated new stop in Tahiti—kicks off May 30.

“It was either move the date of the Brazilian event, or the event gets canceled,” Tristan Boxford, chief operator of the SUWT/S, told SUP the mag. “The Brazilian government, which is providing 100 percent support for this event, told us super late in the game that we needed to move the event to August if they are going to fund it.”

This makes things difficult on athletes and media who have scheduled Brazil into their annual agenda. All the other stops on the tour are locked in with set dates for a number of years to come, but Brazil remains the only wild card in the schedule.

“It’s difficult for everyone to change the dates this late, but we’re trying to accommodate athletes by paying fees for changes in travel accommodations,” Boxford said. “This is such a legendary event, it will be worth the wait.”

Brazil is indeed one of the most popular events on the schedule and traditionally hosts a spectacular turnout. With more than 600 people in last year’s race, and tremendous surfing talents like Leco Salazar and the Vaz brothers to represent in the hometown contingent, it’s not an event anyone wants to see dropped from the schedule.

“It’s going to be a mega-event this year so waiting till August is just what we’ll have to do.” Boxford said. “But the new event in Tahiti is only a couple months away, so we’ve got plenty of action set for the near future.”

Here’s the complete, revised SUWT/S schedule:


  1. Tahiti: May 30 – June 6 (WT)
  2. France: June 19 – 21 (European Cup)
  3. Spain: June 26 – 28 (WS & EU Cup)
  4. Finland: 3 – 5 July (European Cup)
  5. Italy: 24 – 26 July (European Cup)
  6. Germany: 7 – 9 August (WS & EU Cup)
  7. Brazil: 14 – 23 August (WT & WS)
  8. Japan: 4 – 6 September (WS)
  9. California: 26 sept – 4th Oct (WT & WS)
  10. Hawaii: 16 – 18 Oct (WS)
  11. France: 24 Oct – 1st Nov (WT)
  12. Morocco: 7th – 14th Nov (WT)

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