CBS Broadcasts the 2015 Payette River Games

Last Saturday, CBS aired their coverage of the 2015 Payette River Games, and now it lives here, online, forever free among the digital cosmos. It was the first time mainstream media coverage has really given SUP a major spotlight, and it was a monumental display for our sport. Everyone in the standup community is excited about the river after last month’s #PRG15, and now, the American masses are, too.

Throughout the short history of our sport, probably the biggest hindrance to the growth of standup—and river standup in particular—is the lack of exposure. SUP typically isn’t flaunted across televisions and billboards in the manner many other action sports are. By taking the most progressive, spectator friendly event in standup and highlighting it for the world to see, CBS is making major strides for the growth for our young sport. Add a sports commentator, a YouTube presence, replay and slow motion, and America is bound to fall in love. Strange to think,  whitewater SUP competitions were nonexistent only five years ago. What’s next, the Olympics? With the growing popularity of river slalom and SUPcross, that hypothetical really doesn’t seem that far off.

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