Jackson, Baxter Sweep SUWS Stop

After a week of competitive surfing on the Standup World Tour, the Alagoas Pro Grand Slam kicked off the 2014 Standup World Series with clean sweeps by Connor Baxter of Maui and Angie Jackson of Australia. Winning both the Sprints and the Long Distance races, Baxter and Jackson are now leading the rankings in the run for the World Title.

Coming off an impressive 2013 racing season, Baxter picked up right where he left off, with an awesome start in Saturday’s Sprints. From the beginning, Baxter was out ahead of the heavy field of pros that included Kai Lenny, Zane Schweitzer, Jake Jensen, and Casper Steinfath. Lenny was able to dig deep and give Baxter a run for his money, but, in the end, Baxter came out on top, taking the first Sprints win of the year.

Angie Jackson also started the racing season off strong with her win in the Sprints. The growing field of female racers put up a fight, but the powerful Aussie pulled through, gaining the momentum needed for the following day’s Distance race.


In Sunday’s Long Distance race, competitors faced varying conditions that included an upwind leg, followed by a downwind leg, with a buoy turn in the surf, topped off with a fast-paced sprint section in the lagoon to the finish. Baxter and Jackson both took off at the start, leading the packs of pros for the race’s entirety.

On the Men’s side, Baxter broke away from Kody Kerbox, Lenny, Jensen, and Schweitzer, strengthening his lead in the downwind leg and holding off his fellow competitors for the remainder of the race. Baxter’s lead allowed him to take the race win, as well as the overall event win, ahead of Kerbox and Jensen, who finished second and third, respectively.

Strong from the start, Jackson built a lead in the Distance race ahead of local Brazilian Barbara Brasil and Spain’s Laura Quetglas. Powering her way through the upwind and downwind legs, Jackson increased her lead over the ladies and finished first, allowing her to gain the first Standup World Series and Grand Slam wins of the year.

Here are the current 2014 Standup World Series rankings:

Men’s Rankings:
1. Connor Baxter, HI
2. Jake Jenson, AUS
3. Kody Kerbox, HI
4. Kai Lenny, HI
5. Zane Schweitzer, HI
6. Vinicius Martins, BRA
7. Casper Steinfath, DK
8. Eric Terrien, FR
9. Leonard Nika, IT
10. Mo Freitas, HI
Women’s Rankings:
1. Angie Jackson, AUS
2. Barbara Brasil, BRA
3. Laura Quetglas, SP
4. Kelsa Gabehart, USA
5. Lena Ribeiro, BRA
6. Edimar Luque, VEN
7. Carline Angibaud, FR
8. Ariani Theophili, BRA
9. Andrea Mendonca, BRA
10. Marly Pires, BRA

Next up, the Standup World Tour and World Series head to Abu Dhabi for the Abu Dhabi All-Stars Grand Slam.

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