Lenny and Mitchell Showcase Talent in Puerto Escondido Big Wave World Tour Event

Yesterday as many of the world’s top standup paddlers raced 32 miles between islands in the 2017 Molokai2Oahu, two of the world’s top paddlers were winning a competition in another sport: big wave surfing.

Kai Lenny deep in the pit of his winning barrel at the 2017 Puerto Escondido Challenge. SC courtesy of WSL

Kai Lenny and Jamie Mitchell—both record setters at M2O (Lenny set the fastest SUP time in 2016 and Mitchell won the prone division 10 times)—opted for the Puerto Escondido Challenge this year. It’s among the most prestigious events on the Big Wave World Tour and many of the world’s legendary big-wave surfers show up to compete. Due to the spontaneous nature of swell, Puerto ran concurrently with M2O this year, and though Lenny and Mitchell missed their most sentimental race, they both made the finals in double- to triple-overhead pumping barrels at Puerto. Mitchell did so with a broken sternum. Lenny went on to win the competition. It was a good weekend for standup paddlers.

See what happened at M2O.

Full Finals Webcast from Puerto Escondido Challenge