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Kai Bates: Would You Rather

“Would You Rather.” It’s a simple question that—when paired with a juicy ultimatum—reveals a lot about a person. Would you rather spend a vacation in paradise standup paddling or dating a supermodel? Would you rather save someone’s life or win a million dollars?  See? You had to think about those for a minute…

Kai Bates is one of the many promising Aussies on the Standup World Tour and race series. He also happens to be among the most genuine and charismatic young chaps in the SUP community. SUP cornered him at the Sunset Beach Pro and tossed him a few pitting inquiries to kick off our new lifestyle series, “Would You Rather.” (Warning: Pleading the fifth is not an option)

SUP: Would you rather win a World Tour contest or score a SUP the mag cover?

KB: I think the prize money of a contest would be great, but the amount of coverage you get out of a cover is sick. That's a tough one. I’d have to say a contest. If you get that, you might get a cover as well.

SUP: Would you rather work in the military or work a desk job?

KB: I don't really like guns, they're pretty scary. But I'd probably go with the military, it sounds pretty bad ass.

SUP: Would you rather be able to fly or be invisible?

KB: Fly, for sure. That’s an easy one.

SUP: Would you rather be an ugly genius or a hot moron?

KB: Um…hot moron? No. Looks don't go as far.

SUP: Would you rather never have internet access again or never take an airplane again?

KB: I'd rather not have internet. I don’t know what I’d do without a plane. I need to get around!

SUP: Would you rather take a lip to the head by the biggest Pipeline wave ever, or take a beating from a gang of Hawaiians?

KB: Ahhh! Both would be terrible! But I have to say Pipeline. Hawaiians are gnarly.

SUP:Would you rather date a supermodel for a month or take a free trip to the Mentawais for a month?

KB: Really? (long pause) Oh, man…The Ment's are mental. I'd have to pass on the supermodel, I guess.

SUP: Would you rather win a world title or win SUP Paddler of the Year?

KB: A world title's always been my goal, so that has to be it. But Paddler of the Year is overall, so that's massive too. Really, I'd be happy with either.


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Check back to SUPthemag.com for our next round of Would You Rathers, and submit your ideas for juicy Would You Rather questions to SUP’s online editor at  mrmisselwitz@gmail.com.