The Standup World Tour returns to Pointe de La Torche for Stop 2, the now familiar European leg of the prestigious World Championship Tour for Standup Paddlesurfing.
At the end of the week, the very best standup paddlesurfers will head back to this picturesque NW corner of France to do battle for the event crown, but also vital points towards their overall World Ranking for 2012.

From as close as Italy, Spain and the UK, to Mexico, the US, Hawaii and Autralia, athletes from a record 15 countries will take part in the La Torche Pro Grand Slam, showcasing the global reach and interest in the ever evolving sport of Stand Up Paddling and the allure of the Standup World Championship properties.
The beautiful North West corner of France, namely Brittany will play host to this high profile World Championship showdown featuring the world’s very best Standup Paddlesurfers, but also Racers, as the Standup World Series is added to the roster of events for 2012.

The second stop of the 2012 Standup World Series will feature an ellaborate long distance race that runs through the city towards the ocean, providing a challenging race for the athletes, and a unique showcase of the sport for the spectators.
The Sprint course for the World Series will be run back at La Pointe de La Torche, adopting the familiar Surf slalom format that has become a defining feature of the World Series to date. The ideal location will provide intense racing for both the world’s best and entry level racers alike, combining a beach start with buoy turns and surfriding, allowing for one of the most exciting and visually dynamic spectacles for the assembled crowds.

With the increase in participating nations has come the increase in numbers of competitors vying for a chance to take on the World’s Best. With over 60 competitors in the Trials, adding to the 8 Wildcards and established top 24, Stop 2 of the 2012 Standup World Tour promises to be one of the most fiercely contested yet.
From Kai Lenny looking to re-capture his France event Title and the Rankings lead, to Leco Salazar and Antoine Delpero, both eager to take down the 2x World Champion, having both been within striking distance of the crown, to Peyo Lizarazu, who is coming off a 3rd place at Sunset and a win last year in Tahiti, the competition will be intense here at Pointe de La Torche.

The New School crew of athletes such as Zane Schweitzer, an athlete who has shown his worth after winning the Big Island Finals and finishing 4th overall in 2011, Kody Kerbox, Trials winner here in France in 2011 and Rookie of the year, as well as Caio Vaz from Brazil has shone in both the Big Island and Sunset with semi finals finishes, will be looking to assert their presence here in La Torche.
Likewise, an on form Sean Poynter will be looking to maintain his momentum, having been on fire over the past couple of events, finding exceptional form to take down his share of giants and achieve worldwide recognition.
Also to watch out for will be the youngsters Noah Yap from Maui and Mo Freitas from Oahu, but also the Australian that scored the first 10 point ride in Standup World Tour history, Keahi de Aboitiz. Keahi’s smooth style and radical repertoire will no doubt turn heads and be enough to concern the leading figures on Tour.

From France as a whole, the World Tour regulars such as Antoine Delpero and Peyo Lizarazu will be looking to make their presence felt, as will 2011 standouts Manu Portet, Greg Closier and Alexis Deniel as they aim to move up the ratings and take down the world’s best on their home turf.
However, even closer to home, a young French athlete by the name of Benoit Carpentier has been making a name for himself both at home and away, with a win in the Na Kama Kai events (U16) in France and Sunset Beach, but also an outstanding performance at the Sunset Beach Main Event this year finishing in an incredible 9th place.
Coming from neighboring town Pont l’Abbe, Benoit will have the local crowd behind him as he endeavors to keep his momentum going through stop 2 of the 2012 Stand Up World Tour.

Leading European Racers such as Eric Terrien, Greg Closier, Fred Bonnef (Fanatic) and Belar Diaz (Fanatic) will take on the likes of Kai Lenny, Colin McPhilips and Mo Freitas (Imagine) in this first ever European stop for the Standup World Series.
With it all to play for and with a true diversity of playing fields (from the City Canals to the beach race in the surf), the best overall racer will come out on top at this prestigious European stop.
There is also a strong women’s turnout expected at the La Torche Pro, showcasing the exponential growth in this side of the sport and this competitive field that has developed so fast.

The Na Kama Kai Youth Challenge will once again showcase the immense level of U16 talent coming up through the ranks, as they will take to the water at La Pointe de La Torche for this unique and memorable showdown.
To watch out for in this year’s edition are Winner in France and at Sunset, the young Frenchman Benoit Carpentier , Winner in Huntington Beach, Mo Freitas from Hawaii, Noah Yap from Maui, but also Leo-Paul Etienne from Guadeloupe.

In addition to their presence in the World Series Racing event, the La Torche Pro will also host a women’s division for stand up paddlesurfing, featuring Windsurfing Champion and sports personality Iballa Moreno from Gran Canaria amongst a strong field of international competitiors from Brazil, Guadeloupe, France and Spain.
After an impressive showing for the women at the Turtle Bay event of the Sunset Beach Pro this year, we are excited to see the growing European talent step up to shine on the Standup World Tour.

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