Exciting Milestones achieved in the first quarter of 2013
As the Waterman League prepares for the first Grand Slam event (World Tour Stop and World Series Race) for 2013 and fourth event of the season, we wanted to take a look back at the exciting milestones reached and surpassed in just the first few months of the 2013 season. —Tristan Boxford

2013 Event Milestones:
•Another dramatic World Tour Opener at Sunset Beach that registered well in excess of 100,000 unique views and took competitive SUP Surfing to a whole new level
•We launched the all-new Women’s Standup World Tour at Turtle Bay in February
•We took competitive SUP Racing to the Glaciers for a groundbreaking World Series race in Chile
•We took competitive SUP Surfing & Racing to the Middle East for the Abu Dhabi All Stars
•We produced the first legitimate Wave Pool event for competitive paddle surfing
•We're heading to Brazil next week for our 4th consecutive year and the biggest event yet
•In 2013 we have events in 10 countries and participation from more than 18 nations

World Tour & Series events continue to progress the sport
2013 Prize-money Milestones:
•By May 6, the Waterman League will have awarded $75,000 prize-money in a matter of 3 months
•In Chile, we awarded the single highest prize-money pay out in SUP history: $9,000 (Connor Baxter: Winner of the Aragas Magallanes Paddle Challenge)
•By the end of the year we will have awarded over $250,000 in prize-money across both properties

Waterman League Media makes waves on global networks
2013 Media Milestones:
•Our Media registers with well over 120,000 unique visitors per event / month
•We produce multi-camera live web broadcasts from every World Tour & most World Series events
•Our TV shows go out to the US, Hawaii, Australia, Brazil, Polynesia, Europe & beyond (more than 120 countries worldwide)
•Record print magazine coverage forthcoming from all events, inclusive of mainstream media
•We are now preparing for the launch of Immersed TV that will go live in conjunction with the event in Brazil next week and provide a library of all shows from the Standup World Tour & Series since the beginning back in 2009 – stay tuned to catch up on history in the making….WatermanLeague.com

Brazil is coming up next: the Ubatuba Pro Grand Slam
Make sure to tune in live from the 27th April to the 5th May for the Ubatuba Pro Grand Slam, where we will once again see the world’s best battle it out at Itamambuca Beach for the World Tour surfing, and in Ubatuba town itself for the World Series Racing. Stay tuned to StandupWorldTour.com and WatermanLeague.com.

Updated Schedule & entry information for World Series
Ubatuba Pro Grand Slam – entries now open
Next up we have the Ubatuba Pro Grand Slam featuring the 2nd stop on the South American leg of the World Series in Brazil from April 27th – 28th. Entries are still open: email: entryrace@watermanleague.com with your name, nationality, contact details and division entered.

Oleron Island Paddle Challenge – entries now open
We then return to the Island of Oleron in France for the Oleron Island Paddle Challenge from June 7th – 9th. Entries are now open, so please go to: DiaboloFun.com or visit the event Facebook page at: Facebook.com/OleronSUPChallenge.

Bilbao Paddle Challenge – entries to open this week
The Bilbao World SUP Challenge organized in Bilbao (the Basque Country, Spain) will then run from the June 21st – 23rd and feature as one of the premier events on the World Series Calendar and featuring US$20,000 in prize-money. Official Entry information to be released this week, so stay tuned to StandupWorldSeries.com and the Facebook page.

Hamburg World Cup of Standup Paddling – entries to open next week
There has been a date shift for the Hamburg event in Germany. It will now take place from August 16th – 18th: official information and details on entries and more will follow next week, so stay tuned to StandupWorldSeries.com and the Facebook page.

Remaining World Series Events – stay tuned
More info to follow next week on Maui, Chicago (24th – 25th August), California (September 21st – 23rd) and Turtle Bay Finals (11th – 13th October): so stay tuned to StandupWorldTour.com and the Facebook page.

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