Are you ready for the 2012 Sapinus Pro presented by Air Tahiti Nui?
The Sapinus Pro presented by Air Tahiti Nui is now upon us as athletes prepare for some of the most spectacular action of the year at the now famous reef pass in Tahiti.
After a 3 year presence in this beautiful island chain starting with the Contenders’ Exhibition at Teahupo’o and followed by 2 dramatic years of the event itself at Sapinus in the region of Punaauia, the Standup World Tour will return to Tahiti at the end of next week for the next climactic stop on the World Championship Trail.

The very best in the world will be heading out to do battle
The very best in the world will be heading out to do battle in Tahiti at the end of the month as the 3rd stop of the Standup World Tour gets underway.
After a second place finish at Sunset, and a disappointing 9th place in France, Kai Lenny will be looking to pick up where he left off last year, with his jaw dropping barrel rides that scored him a near perfect score in the first heat of the day in 2011. If there is one thing we know about this young Champion, he only gets hungrier as the pressure intensifies….

Brazil's Caio Vaz will be looking to consolidate his position
After an incredible run starting on the Big Island of Hawaii in 2011, Caio Vaz now sits alongside Kai Lenny at the top of the world, ready to step up in Tahiti’s powerful barrels.
Like Kai, Caio is young, hungry and very versatile, having finished 4th in the small beachbreak in France and 7th in the man size conditions at Sunset this year. These two phenomenal athletes will be looking to take the edge here in Tahiti as we approach the half way mark for 2012.

Sean Poynter is hoping to continue his incredible run
Sean Poynter (Starboard), the great hope for the US on the Standup World Tour seems to have come of age, as he posts great performance after great performance, propelling him to an impressive 3rd place overall now in 2012.
Sean’s ability to surf will stand him in good stead in the beautiful barrels of Sapinus, as he looks to continue his climb up the rankings and take down the best.

Brazil's Leco Salazar to return to Tahiti to stake his claim
After a great event in France, World number 2 in 2011 and currently 4th place overall in 2012, Leco Salazar will be back in Tahiti to represent his country and the Salazar family.
While there are rumors his father will also be back to competition, these are yet to be confirmed, but one thing is for sure, Leco will be looking for redemption after a disappointing finish in 2011.

Tahitians are ready, headlined by Legend Arsene Harehoe
After an impressive 5th place finish in France that has propelled him into 8th overall, 53 year old Arsene Harehoe is looking for his first win on Tour at home in Sapinus. Having locked in one of the highest scores of the contest in 2011, finishing his run in the semi finals, Arsene will be looking for gold at the mystical spot found at Pointe des Pecheurs in Punaauia.
Joining Arsene and equally hungry is Tama Audibert, another legend Vetea ‘Poto’ David and his cousin Dorrence, 2011 Finalist Patrice Chanzy, Didier Tinhin, Serge Carabasse, Patu and many more hopefuls looking to make it through the Trials and into the Main Event.
Looking for redemption at his local spot, Guillaume Bourligueux will have his eyes on a win here at Sapinus, after injuring himself in 2010 and 2011 in the opening round, despite being one of the stand out surfers at the spot.

Hawaiians to step up in Tahiti, a home away from home
We are expecting to see Sunset winner and multiple times World Champion longboarder Bonga Perkins at the Sapinus Pro, presented by Air Tahiti Nui. After a great start to 2012, this will be a proving ground for Bonga in his quest for another world title after having been absent in France.
Also to look out for are Ikaika Kalama well versed in the Tahitian lefthand reefbreaks, and of course not forgetting World Tour regular and current #7, Robin Johnston (Mistral), who will be looking to improve on his overall ranking and make his presence felt in Tahiti after narrowly missing out on the Finals in France.

2011 Champion Peyo Lizarazu to head up Team France
2011 Champion and 2010 Title Contender, Peyo Lizarazu will be looking for a repeat performance in Tahiti this year after a great start to the year at Sunset, and now lying in 5th place overall. Peyo will be joined by young talent Benoit Carpentier, as France currently have 3 athletes in the Top 10, more than any other single country and feeling at home in this French speaking paradise.

2010 Champion Dave Muir to lead wealth of Aussie talent
‘Big Wave’ Dave Muir will be back in force in Tahiti, looking to recapture his 2010 crown and improve on his current 10th place overall on the Stand Up World Tour. But Dave will not be standing alone here in Tahiti, with Justin Holland currently in equal 10th place with Dave overall, looking to improve on his standings on Tour and for a breathrough result here in the translucent barrels of the South Pacific.
Joining the two World Tour regulars, are the new Aussies on the block, Beau Nixon and Keahi de Aboitiz, looking to make their presence felt when it counts and to secure their position on the ever evolving Stand Up World Tour.

Sapinus will as ever be the real star of the show in Tahiti
While the athletes will step up and do battle here at this prestigious stop on Tour, Sapinus, the magnificent reefbreak found in the beautiful region of Punaauia will be the star of the show, as it unloads in all its glory over the shallow reef below for an awe-inspiring display of raw power.
Stay tuned to for one of the most exciting displays of performance stand up paddling ever witnessed. Previews and build up features to follow as well as dedicated microsite.

A big thank you to our partners of the 2012 Sapinus Pro
A big thank you to our partners for the 2012 Sapinus Pro, from Air Tahiti Nui and Tahiti Tourisme, to the Moorings, OPT, Mana and the Mairie of Punaauia, all ensuring that Tahiti remains very much at the heart of the Stand Up World Tour.

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