The Waterman League takes the world’s best to Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi may seem like an unlikely location for a World Class Standup Paddle Showdown, but it has all of the ingredients to become a World Class destination for the sport. From flat water cruising in the warm waters and continual sunshine, to the waves—yes, you did hear right, waves found at one of the world’s premier wave pools, Wadi Adventure— Abu Dhabi has something for everyone from the entry level paddler, to high performance surfer.
In conjunction with the Abu Dhabi Beach Games, the Abu Dhabi Sports Council and Abu Dhabi Sailing & Yacht Club are teaming up with UAE SUP, Wadi Adventure and the Waterman League to produce the Abu Dhabi Surf & Paddle All Stars Invitational from April 4th – 7th, 2013.

Elite selection of the world’s best to be chosen to take part
The official Invitees will be announced later this week, and will include the world’s leading and most well rounded standup paddlesurfers and athletes that can crossover between the two disciplines of surfing and racing.
These athletes will be taken on an adventure they will never forget: from exploring the sites of Abu Dhabi by board and heading into the desert for dinner with the Bedouins, to high performance surfing in the wave pool and racing in front of the World Famous Corniche, the invited athletes are in for it all.
While this event will not count for points, it is an exclusive and groundbreaking exhibition event that will boast US$20,000 and bring a selection of the world’s best men and women to compete in this completely unique location.

Wadi Adventure Park to host Surfing part of Invitational
Wadi Adventure in the city of Al Ain has put itself on the global surfing map over the past year with its sensational wave pool that is set against the desert backdrop, making it one of the most striking and unusual surf destinations imaginable.
With three different settings featuring a right, a left and a close out, the wave pool will provide the most level playing field ever witnessed for competitive surfing as the world’s best will battle it out… the pool.
Each athlete will get to surf on their backhand, forehand and shoot to boost progressive maneuvers off the closeout, allowing us to further push the cutting edge of standup paddlesurfing and adopt the most progressive format yet on the Standup World Tour. This part of the event will take place on April 4th and 5th and will be streamed live at

The Abu Dhabi Sailing & Yacht Club to host the World Series format Sprint Racing
The Abu Dhabi Sailing & Yacht Club sits opposite the Corniche in the center of Abu Dhabi, providing the perfect location for the World Series Sprint Racing format. With the incredible backdrop, warm ocean water and beachfront positioning, the scene is set for elite racing at its best in the United Arab Emirates. Featuring the World Series sprint course, the heat elimination format will provide exciting racing for competitors and spectators alike and providing a tangible display of world class standup paddling.
The Beach Games will also incorporate an Open event, with top finishers advancing to face the international athletes for this dramatic showdown in the city.
As with all Waterman League events, we will be bringing the Na Kama Kai Youth Clinic to this event, opening up the wonders of standup paddling to Abu Dhabi’s youth, and supporting UAE SUP’s mission to further the development and growth of the sport in the country.

Cultural experience to be unsurpassed in Abu Dhabi
Beyond the competitive action on the water, the World Tour and Series athletes are in store for one of the most dramatic cultural experiences of their lives, as they will immerse themselves into the Emirati way of life and explore the wonders of Abu Dhabi both on and off the water.
Stay tuned for the journey into this unique event at

Abu Dhabi opens its arms to world of Standup Paddling
In line with their support for world sport, Abu Dhabi has opened its arms to the world of SUP and embraced its potential for the area, as their official organization, UAE SUP, introduces local races and events for its ever increasing base.
The Abu Dhabi Surf & Paddle All Stars Invitational is set to make waves in the UAE’s capital, as the world’s best will expose the Emirates to the wonders of SUP at its highest level.
The Waterman League is proud to be able to support their mission for SUP in the UAE as well as to bring the eyes of the standup paddling world to this unique, completely different and alluring destination.
Stay tuned for the announcement of the invitees as well as for build up features and specials in the lead up to this dramatic event. Also, don’t forget to catch the action live from April 4th – 7th at

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