Waterman League CEO Talks Future of Standup World Tour and Series

The Standup World Tour and Standup World Series are basically the big leagues of standup paddling. Since the inception of the World Tour in 2010, these circuits have provided the ultimate competitive arena for professional standup paddlers, bringing legitimacy and growth to the sport on an international stage. Last year, the Tour and Series struggled to secure sponsorship and after the events were unexpectedly cut short to make due, there was no shortage of speculation about what might happen in 2017. Fortunately for all parties involved, the Waterman League—creators and proprietors of the World Tour and Series—secured a new investor for the year to come, and big plans are underway for an unprecedentedly legitimate season of standup paddle competition. In this podcast hosted by Erik Antonson of PaddleWoo and The Progression Project, Waterman League CEO Tristan Boxford does his best to curb the speculation and fill us in on what to expect in the year to come.

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