master of the ocean

Zane Schweitzer (1st), Samuel Perez Hults (2nd) and Fiona Wylde (3rd), winners of the 2015 Master of the Ocean Photo: Tony Roberts

Zane Schweitzer is Master of the Ocean

Years ago, guys like Laird HamiltonChuck Patterson and Brian Talma pioneered different ways to ride water and paved the path for a new breed of watersports professionals, one where a diversified skill set is as valuable as skill in any single activity. Now, not only are SUP’s top athletes competitive in SUP surfing and racing, many are also skilled prone surfers, windsurfers and kite surfers. More and more, the term “waterman” is becoming the most coveted title of all.

After championing the 2015 Master of the Ocean (MOTO) competition in Cabarete, Dominican Republic, for the second year in a row, Zane Schweitzer undoubtably earned that title. Zane out-performed some of the world’s top talent in surfing, SUP surfing, windsurfing and kiteboarding for the highest combined score and an overall win at the 2015 event.


zane schweitzer

Zane was a top contender in surfing, SUP surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing at the Master of the Ocean Challenge. That’s a whole lot of surfing for one man. Photo: Tony Roberts


“This is probably my all-time favorite event,” said Schweitzer. “It encompasses the talent on the water of every wave riding vehicle…It’s the future as I see it for a new breed of professional athletes; more so lately we are seeing so many athletes that are proving to be true watermen.”

Originally envisioned as the “Ironman of Watersports,” Master of the Ocean is the first and only competition of its kind, rendering its results a stand-alone account of today’s top watermen and waterwomen. This year’s contest in Cabarete provided an optimal playing field for all the events, with surfing and SUP competitions taking place in the morning’s glassy conditions, then wind and kite surfing contests in the afternoon.

“We had some awesome conditions this year, with great waves every morning from chest- to head-high and wind that picked up every afternoon,” said Schweitzer. “We all were being pushed in our strong suits and weak suits.”


Fiona Wylde

If someone tells you, “You surf like a girl,” consider it a compliment. 17-year-old girl, Fiona Wylde, won the woman’s title and placed third in the men’s division at the 2015 Master of the Ocean. Photo: Tony Roberts


Among the top finishers in the mens division was an unlikely candidate; 17-year-old Fiona Wylde, who also championed the women’s division and competed in the men’s division at the Standup World Tour season opener, the Sunset Beach Pro. Wylde took third in the men’s overall competition.

“I am so excited to have made the podium at this event, especially when competing against the guys,” said Wylde. “Competing with the men pushes my level so much and I am really glad for this opportunity.”

Look forward to both Zane Schweitzer and Fiona Wylde in their next Standup World Tour competition, the Brazilian Pro Grand Slam, beginning April 11.

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